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Scissor lift tables are industrial devices that lift heavy loads by scissor mechanism. Designed to work in harsh industrial environments, these durable yet flexible lift tables can be raised or lowered to match the required height. They can lift loads such as heavy machinery, totes, boxes, pallets and roll cages in warehouses, and so on. At HOF Equipment Company, we have electric lift tables, pneumatic lift tables and hydraulic lift tables for almost all requirements. Our high-quality Vestil Lift Tables, Ecoa Lift Tables, and Presto Lift Tables are widely used to raise products or materials to an ergonomic working height. This height adjustment increases worker productivity as they don’t have to repetitively bend to lift the required equipment.

Types of Scissor Lift Tables

Based on the shape and structure there are various tables types of scissor lift tables such as solid deck tables, U deck tables, double scissor lift tables, ground level loading tables, and portable lift tables. Broadly speaking, there are two types of scissor lift tables:

  • Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables: Hydraulic lift tables work on the basic principle of pump push with the help of a cylinder and piston. They use hydraulic power to lift goods say from transportation vehicles to the warehouse floor. They are rechargeable. Mostly made of steel or other sturdy metals, hydraulic lift tables have a long operational life.
  • Pneumatic Lift Tables: These are suitable for environmentally-sensitive applications and in case of repetitive lifting tasks. They are made of steel with chrome-plated decks. They use air pressure to function. Pneumatic lift tables do not require electric power.

Beneficial Features of Scissor Lift Tables Available at HoF Equipment Company

There are various brands of lift tables available at HOF such as Vestil, Presto, Ecoa, and so on. Here are some common features of the scissor lift tables available with us:

  • Lift heights range from 30” to 84” with capacities from a few hundred pounds up to 12,000 pounds.
  • There are many deck sizes available, and we offer customization as well.
  • Our scissor lift tables are extremely durable, sturdy, and made of industrial-grade components.
  • These lift tables feature a safety toe guard, pneumatic upper travel limit switch, sleeve bearings which are well lubricated, and a two button hand pendant control.
  • Most lift tables weigh around 200–300 pounds.
  • Most scissor lift tables have a foot control with a 20” hose.
  • They come with a power up and gravity down deck.
  • Pneumatic lift tables function on factory air.

HOF Equipment Company offers lift tables that deliver maximum performance and have a long operational life. We have a wide variety of lift tables at the best prices. Browse our selection of pneumatic lift tables and hydraulic lift tables. If you are looking for scissor lift tables for your application, do contact us, and our team of experts will be there to assist you. HOF Equipment Company specializes in several types of branded material handling equipment such as Vestil hydraulic lift tables, Eoca hydraulic lift tables, Presto hydraulic lift tables, among others. For specific details on scissor lift tables, you can reach us by phone or email.