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Vestil SCTAB-400 Manual Lift Table
Vestil SCTAB Foot Pump Lift Tables - 400 LB to 1,000 LB Capacity

400 LB, 500 LB or 1,000 LB Capacity
28" to 32" Lift Heights

$422.00 - $1,716.00
SCTAB-800D Manual Lift Table
Vestil SCTAB Foot Pump Double Scissor Lift Tables

750 LB, 800 LB or 1,000 LB Capacity
35" or 52" Lift Height

$990.00 - $1,919.00
Vestil SCTAB-1000-2040-FP Foot Pump Lift Table
Vestil SCTAB Foot Pump Lift Tables - 2,000 LB Capacity

2,000 LB Capacity
32" Lift Height

$1,877.00 - $1,995.00
SCTAB-2500-2040-FP Manual Lift Table
Vestil SCTAB-2500-2040-FP Foot Pump Lift Table

2,000 LB Capacity
32" Lift Height


When you need a simple, low-tech way to lift heavy items, a manual lift table is the right choice. Powered by a foot pump, these hydraulic lift tables can handle loads weighing up to 2,500 LBS with ease. Manual scissor lift tables are extremely versatile, since they can be used anywhere, without the need for a connection to a source of power.

Benefits of using a manual lift table

  • Foot pump lift tables can be used anywhere;
  • Manual scissor lift tables do not have to be connected to a power source, so there are no unsightly or dangerous cables on the work floor;
  • Manual hydraulic lift tables are low cost to purchase and cost nothing to run;
  • Manual lift tables are available with various different platform sizes, lift heights and capacities.

The manual lift tables you will find at HoF Equipment Company are built of the highest quality components by leading manufacturers. Vestil lift tables and Presto lift tables are renowned for their high quality and commitment to safety. Choose a single or double scissor lift table, with one or two speeds and a capacity ranging from 400 LBS to 2,500 LBS. Browse our selection of manual scissor lift tables online today, or call us at 888.990.1150 for expert advice.