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If you have mezzanine levels in your workplace, you will need mezzanine ladders to enable your workers to reach upper levels in safety. At HOF Equipment Company, we have high-quality retractable mezzanine ladders which can be stored in a vertical position, taking up less space than a regular industrial ladder. Our mezzanine ladders are customizable for heights between 60” and 168”. Mezzanine ladders with handrails are essential for worker safety and comfort, and conform to all official safety standards. Our sliding mezzanine ladders feature high-quality industrial casters which allow them to easily roll into and out of storage. Metal mezzanine ladders are made of steel with a powder coat finish which provides protection from bumps and scratches, and have a long service life. Our most popular model of mezzanine ladders is made by Vestil Manufacturing Corporation. Vestil ladders are renowned for their high quality and durability.

If you are looking for a high-quality mezzanine ladder for your workplace, look no further! Browse our selection online or call us on 888-990-1150 and we will be glad to help you find a customized solution to your specific needs.