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Vestil Modular Stairways

Vestil STAIR-48 Modular Stairway
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$1,250.00 - $2,376.00


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Vestil Modular Stairways ship unassembled, making them more economical to ship. They are easy to assemble, with side rails, steps and handrails which bolt together, and have a maximum capacity of 1,000 LBS. The top step is flush with the landing. Steps are 36" wide with a non-slip grip strut surface. Standard climb angle is 31° and step height is approx. 7", depending on model (see chart below). Vestil Modular Stairways are made of steel with a blue powder coat finish, while handrails are yellow for extra visibility. 

Vestil Modular Stairways are built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 60 business days.



Vestil Modular Stairways:
SKUCapacity/Desc.HeightRun Dimension (Length)Step Height SpacingWeightPriceQty
STAIR-361000 LBS / 5 Steps36"61-7/8"7-1/4"399 LBS $1,250.00
STAIR-481000 LBS / 7 Steps48"81-7/8"6-7/8"519 LBS $1,353.00
STAIR-601000 LBS / 8 Steps60"101-7/8"7-1/2"528 LBS $1,445.00
STAIR-721000 LBS / 10 Steps72"121-7/8"7-1/4"592 LBS $1,795.00
STAIR-841000 LBS / 12 Steps84"141-7/8"7"734 LBS $1,870.00
STAIR-961000 LBS / 13 Steps96"161-3/4"7-3/8"898 LBS $1,980.00
STAIR-1081000 LBS / 15 Steps108"181-3/4"7-1/4"954 LBS $2,074.00
STAIR-1201000 LBS / 17 Steps120"201-3/4"7"1004 LBS $2,179.00
STAIR-1321000 LBS / 18 Steps132"221-3/4"7-3/8"1145 LBS $2,273.00
STAIR-1441000 LBS / 19 Steps144"241-5/8"7-5/8"1190 LBS $2,376.00

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