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Vestil D-150-10 Dock Seal
Vestil D-150 Dock Seals

For 8'W x 8'H Loading Dock Doors

Vestil D-350-10 Dock Seal
Vestil D-350 Dock Seals

For 8'W x 9'H Loading Dock Doors

Vestil D-750-18 Dock Shelter
Vestil D-750 Dock Shelters

For Use With Loading Dock Doors
Up To 10'W x 10'H

Vestil D-520-24 Retractable Dock Shelter
Vestil D-520-24 Retractable Dock Shelter

For Use With Loading Dock Doors
Up To 10'W x 10'H

Vestil D-150/650-10 Dock Seal / Shelter Combination
Vestil Dock Seal / Dock Shelter Combinations

For 8'W x 10'H Loading Dock Doors


At HOF Equipment Company, you will find high-quality dock seals and dock shelters to assist in your loading and unloading tasks. Dock seals are comprised of foam side and top pads, which the trailer is pressed up against to create an airtight seal, enabling operators to load and unload in comfortable and safe conditions. Dock shelters feature curtains which are pushed in when the trailer is backed in, creating a seal around the trailer, and allowing for a greater variety of trailer widths and heights. Dock seal / shelter combinations combine both technologies, with foam side pads and an overhead curtain.

Loading dock seals are essential for industries which involve much loading and unloading of materials. These tasks will become simple and trouble-free, since fork trucks and pallet trucks can easily and safely enter trailers to load and unload equipment and materials. Loading dock shelters protect warehouses from extremes of weather and maintain a user-friendly worker environment. All dock seals and dock shelters offered by HOF Equipment Company are made of durable materials which are resistant to abrasion and tearing, providing long-term service.

Vestil dock seals cater for different sizes of loading doors, from 8”W x 8”L all the way up to 10”W x 10”L, and come with projection sizes from 10” to 20”. Vestil dock shelters are all compatible with doors from 8”W x 8”H to 10”W to 10”H and have projections from 18” to 36”.

If you are looking for a loading dock seal or shelter, don’t hesitate to contact HOF Equipment Company today! Browse our website to see our selection of dock shelters and seals, or call us on 888-990-1150.