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Vestil SNM-90-FF-27 Electric Pallet Stacker

SNM-90-FF-27 Electric Pallet Stacker
SNM-90-FF-27 Narrow Mast Pallet Stacker
SNM-90-FF-27 Pallet Stacker
SNM-90-FF-27 Fixed Forks Pallet Stacker
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SKU: SNM-90-FF-27


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The Vestil SNM-90-FF-27 Narrow Mast Pallet Stacker features powered drive and powered lift operation. Fixed 26¾"W x 42"L forks and fixed support legs allow this powerful stacker to handle open bottom skids (not for use with regular pallets). A narrow mast and offset handle give the operator a clear forward view for increased safety. This narrow mast pallet stacker can transport and stack open bottom skids to a maximum height of 90". Stacker features a 2,500 LB maximum capacity up to 62", and a 2,000 LB capacity from 63" to 90". It has a 19-11/16" load center and a 56⅞" turning radius. A 1.0Kw drive motor propels the stacker at 3.1 m/h when fully loaded, while a 2.0kw lift motor raises the load. Automatic dead-man feature stops the stacker when the user releases the handle. An emergency reverse belly switch when activated causes the pallet stacker to instantly reverse direction until the switch is released or five seconds have elapsed. The Vestil SNM-90-FF-27 electric pallet stacker features steel construction for years of service.

The Vestil SNM-90-FF-27 Narrow Mast Pallet Stacker has an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 6 to 10 business days.


The Vestil SNM-90-FF-27 cannot be used to lift standard pallets. This stacker is for use with open bottom pallets, skids, and totes only.



  • Narrow mast and offset handle provide a clear forward view for enhanced safety
  • 2,200 LB capacity up to 62"; 2,000 LB capacity from 63"-90"
  • Service range: 3⅜" to 90" 
  • Overall mast height: 63⅞" retracted; 107-9/16" extended
  • 1.0Kw drive motor propels the unit at 3.1m/h loaded and 3.8m/h unloaded
  • 2.0Kw lift motor raises load 
  • 3-4 hour operation at full charge - 8 hours when used intermittently
  • (2) 12V, 95Ah lead acid deep cycle batteries, integral battery charger & battery level gauge
  • Ergonomic handle features throttle with infinite forward/reverse speed control and lift/lower controls
  • 56⅞" turning radius
  • Fork size: 26¾"W x 42"L
  • Overall support leg size: fixed at 17"W I.D.
  • Belly switch with emergency reverse function and horn
  • Electromagnetic disc brake with auto dead-man feature activates upon handle release
  • Stacker rolls smoothly on poly-on-steel steer & load wheels
  • Not recommended for use on sloped surfaces



Vestil SNM-90-FF-27 Pallet Stacker:
SNM-90-FF-272500 LBS1500 LBS $9,759.00
AGM-UPG-2-12VAGM Batteries (2x12v) 75Ah Replaces Standard Lead Acid Batteries100 LBS $729.00

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