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Electric Pallet Stackers


HOF Equipment Company carries Electric Pallet Stacker models with Manual Drive & Powered Lift AND Powered Drive & Powered Lift.

Electric Pallet Stackers may be further segmented into models with Adjustable Forks & Legs (straddle)
AND Fixed Forks & Legs (fork over).

  • Adjustable Fork/Leg (straddle) models may be used with any type of pallet or skid

  • Fixed Fork/Leg models may only be used with open bottom pallets and skids

Counterbalance Pallet Stackers feature a counterbalance weight instead of front support legs for balance.

Featured Pallet Stackers

Vestil S-118-AA Electric Pallet Stacker
Vestil S-118-AA Electric Pallet Stacker

Powered Drive & Lift,
Adjustable Forks/Legs,
2,000 LB Capacity, 118" Lift


Electric pallet stackers are designed to lift loads for storing them on rack beams or shelves. These are an essential tool for factories, warehouses, and shop floors where pallets, skids, or totes need to be moved from place to place and/or racked. They also are ideal for loading and unloading trucks when a loading dock or forklift is not available. HOF Equipment Co. offers a vast selection of manual push/powered lift and fully powered (drive & lift) pallet stackers. All stackers are plug and play and come with batteries and integral battery chargers. You can buy electric pallet stackers from HOF Equipment Company in the desired configurations to meet your application requirements. We carry Big Joe Pallet Stackers, Vestil Pallet Stackers, Ekko Pallet Stackers, and Presto Pallet Stackers.

Types of Electric Pallet Stackers Offered by HOF Equipment Company

We carry different types of electric pallet stackers, which are designed for safe and quick transportation of pallets between two points. Pallet stackers offer perfect solutions for various lift heights and transport distances, and they help optimize the operations of warehouses or shop floors where they are used regularly.

  • Manual Drive and Power Lift Stackers: These stackers feature manual drive and powered lifting. The stackers are provided in configurations such as straddle, fork over, and counterbalanced, in different load-bearing capacities, as well as lifting heights to suit your application requirements.
  • Powered Drive and Powered Lift Stackers: Electric stackers with powered drive and powered lift help transport loads through warehouse easily and safely, with less effort than manual push stackers. Fully powered pallet stackers are designed to move heavy loads easily. These pallet stackers are equipped with various safety-enhancing features that ensure a high degree of protection to operators.
  • Counterbalance Pallet Stackers: These warehouse pallet stackers are suited for a wide range of indoor applications. Counterbalanced pallet stackers do not have front straddle legs allowing the stacker to operate in narrower areas and pick up loads not accessible by stackers with front support legs. These pallet stackers are available in manual push and power drive models, and can easily squeeze into tight spaces around your location.

Beneficial Features of Electric Pallet Stackers

Why should you buy electric pallet stackers online from HOF Equipment Company? We believe the following beneficial features of our electric pallet stackers have influenced the buying decision of our customers.

  • We carry electric pallet stackers from industry-leading brands such as Vestil Pallet Stackers, Ekko Pallet Stackers, Big Joe Pallet Stackers, and Presto Pallet Stackers.
  • Electric straddle stackers feature adjustable width legs. This feature allows the legs to straddle around the outside of a standard pallet while the forks go into the pallet.
  • Lift heights of electric straddle stackers vary from 62’ up to 177’ and lift capacities range from 1,500 LBS to 4,000 LBS.
  • Designed with user comfort, flexibility, and safety in mind, electric pallet stackers are used across a wide range of industries to stack, transport, and position loads effortlessly.
  • The rugged construction of pallet stackers coupled with enamel finish help ensure years of reliable service.
  • All our electric pallet stackers are ideal for cramped workspaces, and they ensure precise handling in various difficult conditions.

At HOF Equipment Company, we are committed to total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to help our customers find and buy electric pallet stackers that meet their needs. Our efforts towards this commitment have helped us build a long list of satisfied customers through the years. Our experts are ready to answer your questions regarding electric pallet stackers. Give us a call now at 888.990.1150 or browse our pallet stacker selection with pricing, full specifications and photos on our website!