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Vestil SAC Single-Sided Structural Cantilever Racking

Vestil SAC Structural Cantilever Racking
Vestil SAC Cantilever Racking
SSAL-24-NL Arm without Lip
SSAL-36 Arm with Lip
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$514.00 - $1,269.00
SKU: SAC-824


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Vestil Single Sided Structural Cantilever Racking, SAC Series, is perfect for easy manual loading and unloading of bar stock, pipes, tubing, lumber, and other stock items that must be stored on racking. An open arm design allows for easy forklift accessibility. Arms are quickly and easily adjustable up and down the length of the upright. To adjust arms: align arms with pre-drilled holes and secure with key lock. Arms are available with or without end lips to hold products in place. This cantilever racking features bolt-together construction with welded steel components and long-lasting powder coat finish. Vestil Single Sided Structural Cantilever rack systems include all assembly hardware.


How To Build A Custom Single Sided Cantilever Rack - See Charts Below:

STEP 1 - Select at least 2 uprights. There are various upright capacities, each with different required arm sizes. Uprights are sold individually.

STEP 2 - Select a brace set. The brace set holds the uprights together and determines the spacing between the uprights.

STEP 3 - Select the required arm size for the uprights selected in step 1 and the number of arms desired. Arms are either straight or 10° inclined. Arms are sold individually.

STEP 4 - If needed, the overall rack length can be customized by adding additional uprights, brace sets, and arms. Bolts that attach the brace set to the upright are long enough to attach a brace set to both sides of the upright.


Vestil SAC series Single-Sided Structural Cantilever Racking has an estimated lead time of 15 business days to leave the warehouse.


Uprights - Sold Individually:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Ht.Arm Size To UseWeightPriceQty
SAC-8129000 LBS96"12"220 LBS $514.00
SAC-8246000 LBS96"24"229 LBS $535.00
SAC-8364600 LBS96"36"243 LBS $569.00
SAC-8483800 LBS96"48"267 LBS $617.00
SAC-101213250 LBS120"12"285 LBS $666.00
SAC-10248300 LBS120"24"294 LBS $687.00
SAC-10366125 LBS120"36"317 LBS $743.00
SAC-10484750 LBS120"48"329 LBS $770.00
SAC-121213300 LBS144"12"325 LBS $757.00
SAC-12248250 LBS144"24"335 LBS $781.00
SAC-12366125 LBS144"36"358 LBS $835.00
SAC-12484750 LBS144"48"369 LBS $862.00
Brace Sets - Length Determines Spacing of Uprights:
SKUCapacity/Desc.For upright heightNo. of braces / setWeightPriceQty
HBS-83Length 36"96"321 LBS $86.00
HBS-84Length 48"96"330 LBS $92.00
HBS-85Length 60"96"336 LBS $103.00
HBS-86Length 72"96"341 LBS $165.00
HBS-10123Length 36"120" & 144"584 LBS $149.00
HBS-10124Length 48"120" & 144"592 LBS $168.00
HBS-10125Length 60"120" & 144"5102 LBS $205.00
HBS-10126Length 72"120" & 144"5111 LBS $308.00
Arms - Sold Individually:
SSAL-1212" - Arm with Lip3000 LBS11 LBS $76.00
SSAL-12-NL12" - Arm without Lip3000 LBS11 LBS $60.00
SSAL-2424" - Arm with Lip2000 LBS15 LBS $81.00
SSAL-24-NL24" - Arm without Lip 2000 LBS15 LBS $76.00
SSAL-3636" - Arm with Lip1200 LBS20 LBS $88.00
SSAL-36-NL36" - Arm without Lip 1200 LBS20 LBS $84.00
SSAL-4848" - Arm with Lip1000 LBS24 LBS $99.00
SSAL-48-NL48" - Arm without Lip1000 LBS24 LBS $96.00

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