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Vestil LTS Fork Truck Seats

Vestil LTS-V Vinyl Fork Truck Seat With Seat Belt
LTSD-C Cloth Fork Truck Seat
Vestil Fork Truck Seat with Optional LTS-HR
Vestil LTSD-V Vinyl Fork Truck Seat With Seat Belt
Vestil LTS-AR Optional Flip Up Style Arm Rests
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Vestil Fork Truck Seats, models LTSD-V, LTSD-C, LTS-V, & LTS-C have ergonomic and comfortable seat design that helps provide optimum body support for individual operators. Replace worn or broken fork truck seats with our easy to install universal mounting design. Standard features include: ergonomic seat design, waterfall front on LTSD series, vinyl or cloth material, low profile design, safety seat switch, storage pockets, seat back angle adjustment 8°, adjustable lumbar support, and retractable safety belt.



  • Ergo-Turn System - Smooth pivoting motion enables driver to turn seat 30° left or right of center position. Swivel system can be incorporated with air suspension system for total driver ergonomics - Model LTS-ET
  • Replacement Seat Safety Switch - Prevents fork truck from operating when an operator is not sitting on the seat - Model LTS-SSS
  • Chrome Hip Restraints - Used in place of arm rests to stabilize and secure the operator in the fork truck seat - Model LTS-HR
  • Flip Up Arm Rest - Flip up arm rests are moveable to allow easy access on and off fork truck - Sold in pairs - Model LTS-AR
  • Replacement Safety Belt - Model LTS-FTSB



Vestil Fork Truck Seats:
LTSD-VVinyl Deluxe Fork Truck Seat With Seat Belt50 LBS $546.00
LTSD-CCloth Deluxe Fork Truck Seat With Seat Belt49 LBS $551.00
LTS-VVinyl Fork Truck Seat With Seat Belt40 LBS $246.00
LTS-CCloth Fork Truck Seat With Seat Belt39 LBS $269.00
Accessories For Both LTSD & LTS:
LTS-ETSwivel Platform - 350 LB Capacity30 LBS $170.00
LTS-SSSSeat Safety Switch (Replacement)2 LBS $36.00
LTS-HRChrome Plated Hip Restrains4 LBS $44.00
LTS-ARFlip Up Style Arm Rests6 LBS $58.00
LTS-FTSBFork Truck Safety Belt (Replacement)5 LBS $68.00

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