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Vestil HDC-905-IDC Drum Crusher / Drum Compactor

Vestil HDC-905-IDC/460V Drum Crusher
Vestil HDC-905-IDC Drum Crusher / Compactor
Drum Crushed to 6 inches
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SKU: HDC-905-IDC/460V


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The Vestil HDC-905-IDC Drum Crusher / Drum Compactor features a versatile design that can crush and compact 55 gallon drums (ribbed steel, fiber, & plastic) giving the user two pieces of equipment in one. When used as a barrel crusher, this unit crushes 55 gallon steel drums to approximately 6" high and then resets automatically to crush another drum all in approximately 25 seconds. Can also crush 55 gallon fiber and plastic drum but crushed size will vary due to the lack of rigidity of these materials. An integral aluminum drip pan catches any liquid remaining in drum while crushing. The drum compactor feature can compact the contents inside of various drum sizes up to 55 gallons. The drum crushing platen is easily removed for compacting. Safety features include a pressure relief valve to prevent overload and a door interlock system which only allows the motor to function if the door is closed. Comes standard with built-in fork pockets for easy transport via forklift. Meets OSHA 1910.212 and ANSI Z245.5 standards.

The HDC-905-IDC is designed for an intermittent duty cycle that will allow for crushing or compacting up to 250 drums per week in a typical non-hazardous, indoor room-temperature environment when operated on a three-phase power supply. If motor or hydraulic oil exceed 130° the manufacturer recommends waiting for it to cool off back to room temperature 65°F-80°F before operating again. For crushing or compacting a large volume of drums continuously, a High Cycle Drum Crusher is recommended.


The Vestil HDC-905-IDC drum crusher has an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 to 25 business days.


  • Can crush 55 gallon ribbed steel drums to a height of 6". Can also crush fiber and plastic drums (crushed size of these drum types will vary due to the lack of rigidity of these materials). Not designed to crush any other drum sizes or smooth walled steel drums.
  • Comes standard with a 3 phase, 60 Hz, 6.5 H.P. motor
  • Dual speed hydraulic pump provides 25 second cycle time (crush and retract)
  • Door interlock system prevents motor from running if door is not closed
  • Aluminum drip pan holds 1 gallon and measures 31½"L x 4½"W x 1⁵⁄₈"H
  • 38,000 LBS of crushing power; 18,000 LBS of compacting force
  • Drum head piercer to allow for drum venting
  • The crushing platen is removable to allow for drum compacting of various drum sizes up to 55 gal.
  • Built-in fork pockets for easy transport
  • 18 gallon oil reservoir
  • COMPACT/CRUSH selector switch and powered illuminated on/off switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • Relief valve to prevent hydraulic system overload
  • Protective plastic cover on power unit for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Barrel crushing chamber size - 25"W x 25"D x 35¾"H
  • Meets OSHA 1910.212 / ANSI Z245.5 standards



  • Voltage change to 208-230v/1 phase (AMP draw 14.4) - Model HDC9-1
  • Washdown motor & NEMA 4 enclosure - Model HDC-905-WD




Vestil Drum Crusher / Drum Compactor:
HDC-905-IDC/460VVestil Drum Crusher 460V/3PH (AMP draw 8.4)1420 LBS $8,074.00
HDC-905-IDC/208VVestil Drum Crusher 208V/3PH - Can be used with 220v supply (AMP draw 20)1420 LBS $8,156.00
HDC-905-IDC/230VVestil Drum Crusher 230V/3PH (AMP draw 17)1420 LBS $8,156.00
HDC9-1For HDC-905-IDC Model - Voltage Change 208V-230V/1PH (AMP Draw 14.4)0 LBS $1,182.00
HDC-905-WDFor HDC-905-IDC Model - Wash Down Motor & NEMA 4 Enclosure Upgrade0 LBS $938.00

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by BlakeWrast , 02/13/2021

This drum crusher gets the job done. Huge space saver. Happy we got it.