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Vestil F4 Forged Steel Forks

Vestil F4-1.50-48 Forged Steel Forks
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SKU: F4-1.50-48
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Vestil F4 Forged Steel Forks, models F4-1.25-36, F4-1.25-48, F4-1.50-36, F4-1.50-42, F4-1.50-48, F4-1.50-60, F4-1.75-36, F4-1.75-42, F4-1.75-48, and F4-1.75-60 can be used for changing your current fork length, replacing damaged forks, or stocking and extra pair of forks in case of emergency. Forged steel forks are 4" wide.

Designed for Class II carriage mounting. Carriage Pin NOT included. Meets I.T.A. standards.

Pricing shown in chart below is per pair of forks

Capacity shown in chart below is per pair of forks



Vestil F4 Forged Steel Forks (sold in pairs):
F4-1.25-363000 LBS36"1-1/4"191 LBS $288.00
F4-1.25-483000 LBS48"1-1/4"222 LBS $335.00
F4-1.50-364000 LBS36"1-1/4"210 LBS $339.00
F4-1.50-424000 LBS42"1-1/4"249 LBS $378.00
F4-1.50-484000 LBS48"1-1/4"277 LBS $408.00
F4-1.50-604000 LBS60"1-1/4"328 LBS $467.00
F4-1.75-365000 LBS36"1-3/4"251 LBS $382.00
F4-1.75-425000 LBS42"1-3/4"277 LBS $418.00
F4-1.75-485000 LBS48"1-3/4"309 LBS $452.00
F4-1.75-605000 LBS60"1-3/4"344 LBS $524.00

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