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Vestil DSJ-300 Air Balance Jib Lifter

Vestil DSJ-300
Vestil DSJ-300 Air Balance Jib LIfter
Vestil LMEC-DH Double Hook Lifter
Vestil VAC-6 Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter
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$6,322.00 - $11,059.00
SKU: DSJ-300

Vestil DSJ Air Balance Jib Lifters, models DSJ-300, DSJ-300-P, & DSJ-300-C achieve high performances, excellent safety and low cost in the handling of heavy materials. Designed to effortlessly handle materials in a three dimensional work space. The push-button hand control operates the pneumatic cylinder, raising and lowering the cable, in turn, positioning the load. Vestil DSJ air balance jib lifters available in floor mounted, portable on casters and ceiling mounted models.


Air Balance Jib Lifter model DSJ-300 is stocked and normally ships in 25 business days. Models DSJ-300-P & DSJ-300-C are built to order and normally ship in 3 to 4 months.



  • Maximum Payload:  250 lbs
  • Up/Down Operation:  Switch Controlled
  • Up/Down Stroke: 57.5"
  • Maximum Arm Length:  93" 
  • Air Pressure:  100 psi 
  • Arm Rotation: 360º 


Optional Attachments

Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter (model VAC-6) is designed to lift products with smooth, flat and non-porous surfaces. Push button to operate vacuum to grab product. Release button to release product. Positioning of product is provided by the Air Balance Jib Lifter.
Double Hook Lifter (model LMEC-DH) is designed to lift virtually any type of object, either small or large, long or short, round or flat. Simple double-hook design with mechanical operation only. Positioning of product is provided by the Air Balance Jib Lifter or Hoist.




Product should be inspected frequently to insure safe operation. Testing and inspection of the unit is the responsibility of the end user after final assembly has been completed. For further details see ASME B30.17.

Vestil DSJ-300 Air Balance Jib Lifter:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Up/Down StrokeMax. Arm LengthArm RotationAir PressureWeightPriceQty
DSJ-300250 LB - Floor Mounted57-1/2"93"360 deg.100 psi647 LBS $6,322.00
DSJ-300-P250 LB - Portable On Casters57-1/2"93"360 deg.100 psi1043 LBS $7,241.00
DSJ-300-C250 LB Ceiling Mounted57-1/2"93"360 deg.100 psi471 LBS $6,763.00
VAC-6Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter 250 LBS32 LBS $3,818.00
LMEC-DHDouble Hook Lifter250 LBS20 LBS $364.00

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