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Valley Craft F89264 Barrel Hawk Drum Truck with Straps

Valley Craft F89264 Drum Truck with Straps
Valley Craft F89264 Drum Truck
Valley Craft F89264 Drum Palletizer
Valley Craft F89264 Portable Drum Lifter
F89264 Drawing
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$2,216.00 - $2,554.00
SKU: F89264


The Valley Craft F89264 Barrel Hawk Drum Truck comes standard with a dual ratchet strap attachment for lifting a variety of drums. A single operator can safely handle steel, plastic and fiber drums with a diameter of up to 24". This drum handler is designed with ergonomics in mind to reduce the risk of operator injury, and the thin profile single mast provides for enhanced forward visibility. This Valley Craft drum lifter easily picks drums from standard pallet corners and containment skids. A pallet-jack style hydraulic handle lifts the drum up to 18" off the floor. The Valley Craft F89264 drum has telescoping legs which easily adjust for a straddle width of 35.88" to 50.02". Quick-release backplate allows lifter to be used with optional beak attachment and cylinder attachment. All steel construction with a durable green powder coat finish for long service life.

The Valley Craft F89264 Barrel Hawk Drum Truck has an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 8 business days.



  • Included dual ratchet strap attachment lifts standard steel, plastic & fiber drums up to 24" diameter
  • Capacity: 800 LBS
  • Pallet-jack style hydraulic handle lifts drum up to 18” high
  • Single mast allows for improved forward visibility
  • Telescoping legs: straddle width adjustable from 35.88" to 50.02"
  • Overall Size: 50”W x 40”L x 63”H
  • Weight: 372 LBS
  • Quick-release back plate allows for easy use of other attachments



  • Beak Attachment - for drums with a top rim - Model F63877A5
  • Cylinder Attachment - for cylinders measuring 9" to 18" diameter - Model F69282A7



Valleycraft Barrel Hawk Drum Truck:
F89264Drum Lifter with Strap Attachment363 LBS $2,216.00
F63877A5Beak Attachment - Lifts Drums with Top Rim35 LBS $338.00
F69282A7Cylinder Attachment - For Compressed Gas & Cryogenic Tanks 9" to 18" in dia.44 LBS $338.00

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