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Self-Dumping Hoppers W/ Manual Release - 2,000 LB

Vestil D-200-LD-NB Self Dumping Hopper
Vestil Hopper With Extensions
Vestil D-33-LD-NB Yellow Self-Dumping Hopper with Manual Release
Vestil D-TILT Sideways Tilt Option
Vestil D Hopper With Casters
Vestil Self Dumping Hopper Colors
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SKU: D-300-LD-NB


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Rugged Vestil Self-dumping Hoppers With Manual Release - 2,000 LB, D Series are dumped manually using a pull cable operated from the seat of the forklift. Self Dumping Hoppers automatically return to an upright and locked position after dumping. Hopper is secured to the forklift with a safety chain. These forklift dump hoppers ensure maximum worker safety, since the fork lift operator stays at the forklift controls when dumping, thus complying with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(m)(5)(iii). Full-length fork pockets add extra strength and stability, while the contoured edges help the contents pour freely out of the hopper when dumped. Models D-25, D-33, D-50, D-75, and D-100 can be stacked if the top forklift hopper is turned 90 degrees from the bottom hopper. All steel construction with a powder coat finish for durability. Blue finish comes standard; see below for other available colors - please contact HOF for pricing.



  • 2,000 LB Uniform Capacity
  • Manually dumped from seat of a forklift via a pull cable
  • Automatically returns to the upright position after dumping
  • Usable fork pockets measure 7½"W x 2½"H
  • Models D-33, D-50, D-75 & D-100 are stackable - top unit must be rotated 90° from bottom unit
  • Made of 12 gauge steel with durable blue powder coat finish




Optional Casters (see options below)

When casters are ordered with hopper, quick-install caster pads are factory-welded to the base of the hopper.
The weight of the hopper must be subtracted from the rated caster capacity to calculate usable caster capacity.
When using casters, the maximum hopper capacity is the lower of the hopper capacity or the caster capacity.


Optional Heavy-Duty Poly Hopper Lids:

Keep the contents of hoppers out of sight for a cleaner appearance with our Hopper Lids. Click on link or photo below to view selections & order.

Hopper Lids


Optional Colors - Contact HOF For A Quote (Galvanized Models Also Available)


Other Options (see options below)

  • Sidways tilt option for models D-75-LD and D-100-LD only. User must obtain written permission from fork truck manufacturer prior to use. May still use hopper like normal. Adds 3-1/2" to height: Model D-TILT
  • Welded Leak Proof Option: Model LEKP
  • Welded Leak Proof Option With 2" Threaded Drain Plug (located in left corner): Model D-DPLG-2
  • (4) welded lifting lugs (one on each corner): Model LUG
  • High visibility yellow extensions add 15-1/16" of steel mesh to the top of sides and back of hopper. Available for D-150, D-200, D-250 & D-300 models.


Vestil D Series 2,000 LB Self-Dumping Hoppers:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (WxDxH)Fork Pocket CenterWeightPriceQty
D-25-LD-NB1/4 CuYd26" x 51-7/8" x 38"18"329 LBS $647.00
D-33-LD-NB1/3 CuYd26" x 51-7/8" x 38"18"329 LBS $675.00
D-50-LD-NB1/2 CuYd33-11/16" x 51-3/4" x 38"18"352 LBS $687.00
D-75-LD-NB3/4 CuYd31-11/16" x 61-1/8" x 42-11/16"18"433 LBS $730.00
D-100-LD-NB1 Cuyd41-11/16" x 61-1/8" x 42-11/16"18"446 LBS $796.00
D-150-LD-NB1-1/2 CuYd43-11/16" x 68-5/16" x 51-13/16"28"510 LBS $955.00
D-200-LD-NB2 CuYd56-11/16" x 68-5/16" x 51-13/16"28"608 LBS $1,016.00
D-250-LD-NB2-1/2 CuYd69-9/16" x 68-3/8" x 51-3/4"28"827 LBS $1,263.00
D-300-LD-NB3 CuYd81-3/4" x 68-5/8" x 51-13/16"28"908 LBS $1,563.00
Options - All Increase Lead Time Except Casters:
SKUCapacity/Desc.For Use WithWeightPriceQty
D-CK4-MR6-2(2) Swivel & (2) Rigid 6"x2" Mold On Rubber Casters. Caster capacity is 2400 lbs LESS the weight of the hopper 27 LBS $84.00
D-CK4-MR8-2(2) Swivel & (2) Rigid 8"x2" Mold On Rubber Casters. Caster capacity is 2400 lbs LESS the weight of the hopper 36 LBS $113.00
LEKPWelded Leak Proof Option 5 LBS $82.00
D-DPLG-75Welded Leak Proof With 3/4" Threaded Drain Plug (located in left corner) 5 LBS $164.00
D-DPLG-2Welded Leak Proof With 2" Threaded Drain Plug (located in left corner)  5 LBS $192.00
LUG(4) Welded Lifting Lugs (one on each corner) 150 LBS $335.00
D-200-EXT-SMYHopper Extensions - Adds 15-11/16" of Steel Mesh To Hopper TopD-20040 LBS $226.00
D-300-EXT-SMYHopper Extensions - Adds 15-11/16" of Steel Mesh To Hopper TopD-30050 LBS $259.00

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