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Plastic pallets and skids provide a viable alternative to classic wooden pallets, which deteriorate easily. Plastic pallets are reusable and durable with a long service life. No more unsightly and dangerous nails sticking out of wood pallets, putting equipment and workers in danger! These plastic pallets do not have any nails to come loose or slats to come off or break, making them safe and long-wearing. Since they are made of virgin polyethylene, plastic pallets are easy to clean, so are ideal for wash-down applications such as the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. Decks are serrated with drainage holes, allowing them to dry off quickly. Plastic pallets are available in a variety of colors, allowing loads to be color-coded according to destination, contents or department, according to your specific needs. Plastic pallets and skids are also much lighter than classic wood pallets, making them easier to handle and manipulate, without always needing specialist equipment to transport them from place to place. 

Besides classic plastic pallets, we also stock plastic skids, which are versatile and can be used with a variety of material handling equipment. Also in our online catalog are recycled pressed wood pallets for the more eco-conscious. These reusable pallets are lightweight and hardwearing, and pressed wood pallets are nestable, so take up less room when stacked.

Accessories for plastic pallets and skids are also available at HOF Equipment Company. Our pallet straightener keeps stacks of pallets in an orderly stack, without becoming unstable and risking toppling over. To make washing your plastic pallets easier, take a look at our pallet washing cabinet, which connects to a pressure washing hose and is made of stainless steel, making it simple to wash your plastic skids and pallets.

Whether you are looking for classic plastic pallets, plastic skids, plastic solid deck pallets or with a perforated deck, we have what you need. Browse our selection online or call 888.990.1150 for more information!