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Having suitable packaging stations in the workplace is essential, to ensure workers have all the items they need at hand for packaging products. HoF Equipment Company stocks a wide range of packaging benches and packaging carts for all your needs, helping you keep your workplace organized and efficient every day.

Types of packaging benches and stands:

  • Packaging carts come standard with strapping roll dispensers, compartment doors which serve as ramps, a detachable pallet wand and a tray for storing smaller tools.
  • Carton carts roll easily on swivel casters and feature adjustable dividers, making it easy to transport empty boxes around the workplace.
  • Packaging benches provide a stationary workstation for using to package products, with dispensers for strapping, paper and tape, and a large worktop for wrapping.
  • Paper dispenser stands have 2 or 3 tiers and hold rolls of paper measuring up to 9” in diameter, keeping supplies organized even while in use.
  • Shrink wrap carts hold up to three rolls of shrink wrap measuring up to 72” wide and can be easily moved from station to station around the workplace.
  • Shrink wrap heat guns are ideal for heating plastic wrap so it will shrink down and tightly secure products. These run on propane gas and are easy to use.

Whatever you need to help you make your packaging process easier and more efficient, we have it. Browse our selection of packaging carts and benches online or call 888.990.1150 for expert advice today!