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Morse 82A-125 Electric Drum Lifter / Palletizer / Pourer

Morse 82A-125
Plastic & Fiber Drum Adaptors 4556-P & 4560B-P
Small Diameter Drum Adaptors With Hold Down Brackets 55/30-19, 55/30-20.5, 55/30-22
Manual model shown with optional 4556-P bracket adaptor for 55 gal. rimless Plastic & Fiber drums that are 31-39 tall
Manual model shown with optional 4560-P top rim clamp for 55 gal. rimmed plastic and fiber drums
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SKU: 82A-125


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The Morse 82A-125 Electric Drum Lifter / Palletizer / Dispenser can lift a steel drum that is 22.5” to 23.5” in diameter (adaptors available for other drum sizes, see options below) onto and off of a standard pallet, drum dolly, or spill containment pallet and then pour the drum. A 12v DC powered lift mechanism allows the operator easily to lift a drum weighing up to 600 LBS in the upright position to a maximum of 20” off of the floor and transport it to where it is needed. 12v deep cycle battery and charger included with the unit. The maximum pour height is 26”. The v-shaped base design allows the operator of this Morse drum dispenser to quickly lift and place a drum on the corner of a pallet or other raised location as required. Hand pump operation raises the drum. The Morse 82A-125 can straddle a pallet that is up to 41" (104 cm) wide and 7" (18 cm) high (can palletize and depalletize a drum at the corner of a pallet). This industrial duty Morse electric drum lifter features a turning radius of 53” (135 cm) and includes a counter-weight to stabilize the drum truck.

Morse 82A-125, 82A-124, 82A-120 drum lifters / drum dispensers are built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 15 business days.





  • 12 Volt DC powered lift mechanism. Deep cycle lead acid battery and 100/200V 50/60Hz AC charger included. (AC & AIR powered models available - see chart below)
  • Hand rotate drum to pour - can lock drum in horizontal position to pour and in the vertical position when transporting
  • Lift, Transport, and Pour a drum weighing up to 600 LBS (272 kg).
  • For use with 22" to 23.5" (57.2 cm to 59.7 cm) diameter 55 gal. steel drums (adaptors available for small diameter, plastic, & fiber drums)
  • Palletize or Depalletize a drum at the corner of a pallet
  • Max. Dispensing Height: 26" (66 cm)
  • Maximum lift height is 20" (50.8 cm) off of floor
  • Straddle a pallet up to 41" (104 cm) wide and 7" (18 cm) tall
  • Counterweight for improved stability
  • Cinch chain includes flexible chain cover for drum sidewall protection
  • All steel welded construction for years of dependable service



  • Top rim clamp assembly to handle 30-55 gallon rimmed plastic, fiber, or steel drum. Bolts on to MORCINCH drum holder to prevent drum from slipping through - Model 4560B-P
  • Bracket assembly to handle rimless plastic drums that are 31"-39" tall. Also can be used with fiber and steel drums (or any rimmed drum) for a more secure grip. Bracket at top and bottom prevents drum from slipping through. Requires lifting or tilting drum to get drum onto bottom foot - Model 4556-P
  • Tilt Brake To Hold Tilt Angle of Drum - Factory Installed - Model 3900i-P
  • Drum adaptors with integrated hold-down brackets to handle 14" dia. to 19"dia. drums - Models 55/30-14.5, 55/30-16, 55/30-17.5, 55/30-19, 55/30-20.5




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Morse Electric Drum Lifter / Drum Pourer:
SKUCapacity/Desc.For Use With Drum Dia.WeightPriceQty
82A-12512v DC Powered Drum Lifter / Palletizer / Pourer 22" - 23.5"551 LBS $3,997.00
82A-120115v AC Powered Drum Lifter / Palletizer / Pourer22" - 23.5"525 LBS $4,308.00
82A-124Air Powered Drum Lifter / Palletizer / Pourer22" - 23.5"495 LBS $3,296.00
4560B-PTop Rim Clamp for 30-55 Gal. Rimmed Plastic & Fiber Drums14 LBS $257.00
4556-PBracket Adaptor for 55 Gal. Rimless Plastic & Fiber Drums 31"-39" Tall20 LBS $204.00
3900i-PTilt Brake To Hold Tilt Angle of Drum - Factory Installed3 LBS $201.00
55/30-20.5Non-Bracketed Adaptor for 20" to 20.5" Dia. Drum24 LBS $159.00
55/30-19Non-Bracketed Adaptor for 18.5" to 19" Dia. Drum (for handling a typical 30 gal. drum) 24 LBS $159.00
55/30-17.5Bracketed Adaptor for 17.0" to 17.5" Dia. Drum35 LBS $252.00
55/30-16Bracketed Adaptor for 15.5" to 16" Dia. Drum35 LBS $252.00
55/30-14.5Bracketed Adaptor for 14" to 14.5" Dia. Drum36 LBS $254.00

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