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Morse 400A-72SS Stainless Steel Drum Dumper

Morse 400A-72SS Manual Drum Dumper
Small Diameter Drum Adaptors
Plastic & Fiber Drum Adaptors 4560BSS-P & 4556SS-P
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The Morse 400A-72SS Portable Stainless Steel Drum Dumper is ideal for use in clean and washdown applications such as pharmaceutical and food processing. This stainless steel drum tipper allows a single operator to lift and pour a full drum weighing 800 LBS or a half full drum weighing 500 LBS. The operator controls the pour angle of up to 360 degrees in either direction and a maximum pour height of up to 72”. A manual hand pump controls the lift and a hand crank controls the tilt. The drum cradle automatically cinches 22" to 23.5" diameter drums and the cinch chain includes a flexible chain cover to aid in protecting the sidewall of the drum. Morse 400A-72SS stainless steel drum tilters are designed to pour a drum with a drum faucet or drum cone in place. Made of 304 stainless steel and industrial grade components for many years of reliable service.


The Morse 400A-72SS Stainless Steel Drum Dumper is built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 10 to 12 weeks.





  • Made of 304 stainless steel for use in clean and washdown applications
  • Max. Dump Height: 72"
  • For use with 22" to 23.5" diameter 55 gal. steel drums (adaptors available for small diameter, plastic, & fiber drums)
  • 360° tilt control in both directions
  • Manual hand pump controls lift; hand crank controls tilt
  • Full Drum Capacity: 800 LBS
  • Half Full Drum Capacity: 500 LBS. A partially full drum is an unbalanced and shifting load which reduces capacity.
  • Cinch chain includes flexible chain cover for drum sidewall protection
  • Vertical lifting track keeps drum reach constant through the full lift range
  • Stainless steel casters
  • All welded construction with industrial components for years of dependable service



  • Stainless Steel Tilt Brake to hold tilt angle of drum until operator moves it - Factory Installed - Model 3900SSi-P
  • Stainless Steel Drum adaptors with integrated hold-down brackets to handle 14" dia. to 19"dia. drums - Models 55/30SS-14.5, 55/30SS-16, 55/30SS-17.5, 55/30SS-19 (non-bracketed)
  • Stainless Steel Top rim clamp assembly to handle 55 gallon rimmed plastic, fiber, or steel drum. Bolts on to MORCINCH drum holder to prevent drum from slipping through - Model 4560BSS-P
  • Stainless Steel Bracket assembly to handle rimless plastic drums that are 31"-39" tall. Also recommend for use with fiber drums for a more secure grip. Bracket at top and bottom prevents drum from slipping through - Model 4556SS-P
  • Stainless Steel Hand Crank or Hand Wheel with Speed Knob replaces pull chain tilt control. Factory Installed - Models X02-400-7SS2 & X03-400-72SS
  • Web Strap & Stainless Steel Ratchet replaces cinch chain. Factory Installed - Model 5115i-P
  • Stainless Steel Ratchet and Pawl replaces cinch chain. Factory Installed - Model 5115i-P
  • Stainless Steel Gears & Sprockets - Model SSG-MT
  • Food Grade Hydraulic Oil - Model FGO




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Morse 400A-72SS Stainless Steel Drum Dumper:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Capacity FullCapacity 1/2 FullWeightPriceQty
400A-72SSSS Portable Drum Dispenser - 72" Max. Dump Height800 LBS500 LBS350 LBS $9,394.00
3900SSi-PSS Tilt Brake To Hold Tilt Angle of Drum - Factory Installed (for use with manual models)3 LBS $585.00
55/30SS-19SS Non-Bracketed Adaptor for 18.5" to 19" Dia. Drum (for handling a typical 30 gal. drum) 24 LBS $333.00
55/30SS-17.5SS Bracketed Adaptor for 17.0" to 17.5" Dia. Drum35 LBS $507.00
55/30SS-16SS Bracketed Adaptor for 15.5" to 16" Dia. Drum35 LBS $507.00
55/30SS-14.5SS Bracketed Adaptor for 14" to 14.5" Dia. Drum36 LBS $507.00
4556SS-PSS Bracket Adaptor for 55 Gal. Rimless Plastic & Fiber Drums That Are 31"-39" Tall20 LBS $549.00
4560BSS-PSS Top Rim Clamp for 55 Gal. Rimmed Plastic & Fiber Drums11 LBS $680.00
X02-400-72SSSS Hand Crank Replaces Pull Chain Tilt Control - Factory Installed2 LBS $123.00
X03-400-72SSSS Hand Wheel With Speed Knob Replaces Pull Chain Tilt Control - Factory Installed3 LBS $383.00
5115SSi-PWeb Strap & SS Ratchet Replaces Cinch Chain - Factory Installed2 LBS $164.00
5597SSi-PSS Ratchet & Pawl Replaces Cinch Chain - Factory Installed2 LBS $736.00
SSG-MTStainless Steel Gears & Sprockets1 LBS $1,758.00
FGOFood Grade Hydraulic Oil1 LBS $105.00

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