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In most workplaces, machinery and work stations are at various different heights, so it is essential to have work platforms or work stands for employees to reach where they need to be. Work stands are a lightweight, low-maintenance solution for facilitating access to high places. At HOF Equipment Company we have an extensive range of work platforms and work stands for you to choose from.

Types of work platforms and stands

  • Industrial work platforms come in many different types. Choose from aluminum work platforms, steel work platforms or stainless steel work platforms for clean-room environments. Portable work platforms can be easily moved to where they are most needed, while modular work platforms can be customized to your specific needs. Adjustable work platforms give you a greater degree of flexibility, with the most popular being adjustable height work platforms, which can be modified according to each worker’s height. Electric work platforms have powered lift, making it even easier to get to the required height, while add-a-level work platforms can be stacked together.
  • Work stands are smaller and simpler than work platforms, but just as versatile. Again, choose from aluminum work stands, steel work stands or stainless steel work stands. Adjustable work stands can be easily personalized, while portable work stands are simple to reposition and move to different areas.
  • Step stands give extra height to the worker and can have two or three steps. We stock aluminum step stands and steel step stands, while adjustable height step stands provide even more flexibility.

Benefits of using work stands

  • Safety – Workplace safety must always be a number one priority, regardless of the industry you work in. Industrial work stands and work platforms provide user safety and ensure that each employee is at the correct working height for what he is doing.
  • Efficiency – When workers use step stands to easily and quickly reach the machinery they are operating, they will be able to do their job more efficiently, and output will increase.
  • Flexibility – Portable and adjustable work stands and platforms enable your working environment to continually adapt to the current needs. Whatever the machinery you use, and whoever is operating it, an adjustable work platform will ensure that the job is done safely, efficiently and on time.
  • Worker satisfaction – Use of work platforms and work stands shows employees that their safety and comfort is a priority. This will give them greater satisfaction and fulfilment in the work they do.

Whatever the specific needs of your workplace, you are sure to find work platforms and work stands to meet your needs at HOF Equipment Company. Browse our wide selection online or contact us on 888-990-1150, where our customer advisors will be glad to take your call.