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Vestil TRASH-TOP-RD Drum Top
Waste Disposal Tops For Drums


$107.00 - $373.00
Vestil TH-64-GY Trash Can
Trash Cans

32, 64, & 95 Gallon
Grey, Blue, & Green Available

$96.00 - $248.00
Vestil TH-64-BLU-FL Trash Can with Foot Lid Lifter
Trash Cans with Foot Lid Lifter

32, 64, & 95 Gallon
Grey, Blue, & Green Available

$177.00 - $341.00
Vestil TH-CART-64 Trash Can Cart
Vestil TH-CART-64 Trash Can Cart

Holds (3) 64-gallon trash cans

$1,165.00 - $1,301.00
Vestil TH-CART-95 Trash Can Cart
Vestil TH-CART-95 Trash Can Cart

Holds (3) 95-gallon trash cans

$1,221.00 - $1,469.00
Vestil ENVIR-BIN Triple-Bin Recycling Hopper

½ CuYd / 2,000 LB Capacity

$2,509.00 - $2,645.00
Vestil MPT-1 Portable Tote
Portable Totes

½ CuYd
200 or 600 LB Capacity

$379.00 - $593.00

Every facility needs an efficient system for waste disposal. Industrial trash cans are essential for keeping your workplace clean and tidy. At HoF Equipment Company you will find a large selection of industrial garbage cans, recycling trash cans, trash containers and garbage cans with wheels. Purchase different colors of plastic trash cans for different types of waste or for different work departments. Choose from expanded metal trash cans with open tops for ease of disposal, classic hinged top industrial trash cans, or simple waste disposal tops which fit onto empty drums. We also have trash can carts which hold three garbage cans at a time, making it easy to transport trash cans quickly and with minimal effort.

Choose from different sized industrial garbage cans:

  • 32 gallon trash cans;
  • 48 gallon trash cans;
  • 64 gallon trash cans;
  • 95 gallon trash cans;
  • ½ cubic yard trash containers.

Our outdoor trash cans withstand even subzero cold and extreme summer heat, and are ideal for any and every environment. Trash cans with a foot pedal make it possible to throw waste away without touching the trash container, maintaining hygiene and cutting down on time needed to wash or disinfect hands. Trash cans with wheels can be transported by a single person. If you are expanding your workplace, setting up a new facility or simply reassessing the needs of your existing facility, be sure to remember to purchase high-quality industrial trash cans. Browse our selection online or call us at 888-990-1150 today!