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When loading and unloading products onto a mezzanine level, ensuring worker safety is paramount. This is why mezzanine safety gates are essential, and finding the right mezzanine gate for your needs will not only ensure safety, but also increase efficiency in the workplace. Here at HOF Equipment Company, we offer a wide range of mezzanine safety gates which conform to legal requirements and also help you to work quickly and easily.

  • Horizontal mezzanine safety gates are ideal for areas with limited headroom, since they open horizontally;
  • Vertical mezzanine safety gates lift up, meaning they need space above the loading / unloading area;
  • Pivoting mezzanine safety gates are simple to use, with a balanced gate which pivots from the loading area to the unloading area, allowing access while also keeping workers safe;
  • Rotating mezzanine gates have three closed sides and one open, which can be easily rotated by the user;
  • Mezzanine pallet safety gates are designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of pallets in maximum safety.

Whatever the size or height of your workplace, you are sure to find a mezzanine safety gate to meet your needs at HOF Equipment Company. Choose from mezzanine swing gates, sliding mezzanine gates, mezzanine loading gates, mezzanine safety pivot gates and mezzanine pallet gates. When workers know they are in complete safety with a mezzanine safety gate, their satisfaction levels will rise, and they will become more efficient in the work they do. Don’t hesitate – choose a mezzanine gate today! Browse our selection online or call us on 888-990-1150 for expert advice.