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Safety is a number one priority at loading docks, so having the right safety equipment such as dock lights, dock barriers and dock barricades is essential. At HoF Equipment Company, we have your safety in mind and we offer a wide range of safety equipment for loading docks. When workers know they are safe at work, even in environments where heavy loads are being manipulated, they will have greater satisfaction and find more pleasure in their work. Our loading dock safety equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards, and is easy to install and use. 

Loading Dock Safety Equipment:

  • Dock loading lights provide illumination for loading and unloading, and are specially designed to reduce the risk of broken bulbs. We stock incandescent dock lights, halogen incandescent dock lights and spun aluminum dock lights.
  • Dock Traffic lights use a simple red/green system to show users when it is safe to advance to the loading dock. Controlled by a simple push button, these lights feature built-in sun visors for increased visibility. Our dock traffic light sets include safety signs to give clear instructions to drivers.
  • Dock barricades allow workplaces to control who enters and exits the loading dock area. Loading dock barricades can be operated manually or electrically.
  • Loading dock barriers, including overhead door warning barriers, provide a visual warning and protect areas from impact. Dock barriers feature high-visibility safety tape and American flags for extra visual warning. Select models include warning siren and flashing lights.

If you need to upgrade your loading dock area, don’t hesitate! Having the right safety equipment will make the process of loading and unloading much more efficient and organized. On our website you will find a range of dock lights, dock barricades and dock barriers which will help you maintain a high level of safety and security on site. Browse our selection online or call us at 888.990.1150 for more information and expert advice!