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ALL Lift 1/4 Ton Foundationless Jib Cranes

ALL Lift Jib Crane
All Lift 1/4 Ton Foundationless Jib Crane Tagline Kit
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SKU: FL51010


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ALL Lift 1/4 Ton Foundationless Jib Cranes have a 500 LB capacity and do not require a pre-poured concrete foundation (see existing foundation requirements below). All Lift cranes can be lagged to just about any concrete surface and are ideal for use in open areas serving multiple work stations at one time. All Lift floor mounted jib cranes feature a rolled steel I-beam with tapered flange for smooth trolley travel. I-beam rotates 360° on its base. Removable safety end stops limit trolley travel. 28” diameter base and 24” bolt circle with 8 bolt holes measuring 1¼“ dia. each. ALL Lift Foundationless Jib Cranes are great for use in machine shops, loading docks, assembly operations, and anywhere a floor mounted jib crane is needed.


ALL Lift Cranes for sale on this page have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 10 to 15 business days.


Galvanized, full stainless steel, and more economical stainless steel coated foundationless jib crane available. Contact HOF Equipment Company for a quote.



  • Capacity: 500 LBS
  • W Type I-Beam with various sized flange widths - see chart below
  • I-Beam spans are 6', 8', 10', 12' and 14'
  • 360° I-beam boom rotation
  • 28” dia. base and 24” bolt circle with 8 bolt holes measuring 1¼“ dia. each
  • All steel construction
  • Limited Warranty: 3 Years
  • Existing concrete must be a minimum of 6” thick reinforced with a minimum 3,000 psi (5 bag mix), soil pressure must support 2,500 psi
  • Concrete in and around the area (6’ x 6’) of the base plate must be free of cracks and must be in good condition. 
  • All foundations should be checked by a structural engineer



Options: See Chart Below


Hoist and Trolley sold separately. Click link to see our selection of Hoists and Trolleys


Product should be inspected frequently to insure safe operation. Testing and inspection of the unit is the responsibility of the end user after final assembly has been completed. For further details see ASME B30.17.

Quarter Ton Foundationless Jib Cranes:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Under I-Beam To FloorI-Beam SpanFlange WidthWeightPriceQty
FL5861/4 Ton Jib Crane8'6'4"490 LBS $1,812.00
FL588 1/4 Ton Jib Crane8'8'4"522 LBS $1,868.00
FL58101/4 Ton Jib Crane8'10'4"554 LBS $1,932.00
FL58121/4 Ton Jib Crane8'12'4"681 LBS $2,182.00
FL58141/4 Ton Jib Crane8'14'5-1/4"912 LBS $2,630.00
FL51061/4 Ton Jib Crane10'6'4"528 LBS $1,903.00
FL51081/4 Ton Jib Crane10'8'4"560 LBS $1,958.00
FL510101/4 Ton Jib Crane10'10'4"592 LBS $2,022.00
FL510121/4 Ton Jib Crane10'12'4"725 LBS $2,276.00
FL510141/4 Ton Jib Crane10'14'5-1/4"968 LBS $2,797.00
FL51261/4 Ton Jib Crane12'6'4"566 LBS $1,992.00
FL51281/4 Ton Jib Crane12'8'4"598 LBS $2,048.00
FL51210 1/4 Ton Jib Crane12'10'4"630 LBS $2,112.00
FL512121/4 Ton Jib Crane12'12'4"770 LBS $2,340.00
FL51214 1/4 Ton Jib Crane12'14'5-1/4"1036 LBS $2,925.00
TGFestoon - Tagline Kit With S-Hooks5 LBS $79.00
CTSteel Cable Trolley - add to TG (1 per every 5' of span)1 LBS $15.00
AB-FL5Anchor Bolt Kit - 8 Hole2 LBS $313.00
ALC-APApplicator gun for epoxy1 LBS $16.00
28D8Bolt Pattern Plywood Template5 LBS $191.00
RSRotation Stops - Field Mounted, Weld-On - Set Of 21 LBS $56.00
RS-BRotation Stops - Field Mounted - Bolt On (field drill & tap column locations) - Set Of 21 LBS $98.00

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