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Aardwolf TF Portable A-Frame Racks

Aardwolf TF2000 Portable A Frame Rack
Aardwolf TF2440 Transport Frame
Aardwolf TF3050 Portable Stone A Frame Rack
Aardwolf TF3050H Slab A Frame Rack
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SKU: TF2440


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Aardwolf Portable A-Frame Racks, models TF2000, TF2440, TF3050 & TF3050H, are designed for transporting heavy stone or glass slabs in safety. Slabs rest on rubber profiles to protect against scratching, and are secured by rubber-lined locking bars with ratchet straps. Racks feature two overhead hooking points for use with lifting devices, and also have fork pockets on all sides to enable transport with a fork truck. Each transport frame has two fixed 5.9" diameter wheels, while a removable counter-lever handle with two wheels allows a single operator to manually transport the frame, even when fully loaded. The handle can also be used to jack up the frame, enabling the lowering of the support legs, for use when the loaded frame is being transported on a fork truck, or when wheels are not required. Aardwolf TF series Portable A-Frame Racks can be assembled in approx. 5 minutes by a single person. Aardwolf slab A-frame racks are made of steel with a powder coat finish for durability and long-term service.



  • Capacity: 5511 LBS
  • Designed for transporting heavy stone/glass slabs safely
  • Slabs secured by rubber lined locking bars with ratchet straps
  • Transport frames have two fixed 5.9" diameter wheels
  • Can be assembled in approx. 5 minutes by a single person
  • Made of steel with a powder coat finish




Aardwolf Portable A Frame Racks:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Overall Size (W x L x H)Locking BarsWeightPriceQty
TF20005511 LBS - Ideal for Vanity Tops40" x 78.7" x 66.9"3 per side379 LBS $1,741.00
TF24405511 LBS - Ideal for Kitchen Tops40" x 96" x 66.9"4 per side425 LBS $1,870.00
TF30505511 LBS - Ideal for Porcelain Slabs40" x 120" x 68.9"5 per side527 LBS $2,253.00
TF3050H5511 LBS - Ideal for Large Granite Slabs40" x 120" x 91.2"3 per side573 LBS $2,410.00

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