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Vestil VHSR-4
Vestil VHSR-4 Variable Height Sheet Rack

47-3/8" Wide, Welded Steel

$483.00 - $493.00
Vestil VHSR-4BA-KD Variable Height Sheet Rack
Vestil VHSR-4BA-KD Variable Height Sheet Rack

38" Wide, Bolt-Together Steel

$434.00 - $444.00
Vestil VHSR-8 Variable Height Sheet Rack
Vestil VHSR-8 Variable Height Sheet Rack

96"W, Welded Steel

$671.00 - $681.00
Vestil STR-S-9764-4 Slab Rack
Vestil STR Slab Transport Racks

4,000 LB Capacity

$1,195.00 - $1,502.00
Aardwolf SBSS01 Slab Cart
Aardwolf Slab Carts

882 LB to 1,653 LB Capacities
Single or Double Sided

$338.00 - $633.00
Aardwolf TF3050H Slab A Frame Rack
Aardwolf TF Portable A-Frame Racks

5,511 LB Capacity

$1,583.00 - $2,191.00
Aardwolf AF1850QP Portable A-Frame Rack
Aardwolf AF Portable A-Frame Racks


$1,940.00 - $2,177.00
Aardwolf ABR0107 Bundle Rack Kit (not shown as sold)
Aardwolf ABR Bundle Rack Kits

Includes 2 Rails and 8 poles

$1,715.00 - $1,830.00
Aardwolf Slab Racking
Aardwolf ABR Bundle Rack

Build A Customized 115" Long
Bundle Rack System

$1,088.00 - $1,195.00
ASR0107 Slab Rack (not shown as sold)
Aardwolf ASR Slab Rack Kits

Include 2 Rails,16 poles & post bases

$1,787.00 - $2,031.00
ASR Slab Rack
Aardwolf ASR Slab Racks

Build A Customized 117" Long
Slab Rack System

$1,070.00 - $1,140.00

If you work with sheet material, having the correct storage is essential. Good sheet storage not only maximises space, but also makes it easier to select and transport materials from storage to the work area. At HOF Equipment Company, we offer a wide range of sheet storage solutions for every need, whatever the material you work with.

Sheet Racks – Vertical sheet racks store materials upright, while horizontal sheet racks prevent buckling of thinner sheet material. These can be used as metal sheet racks or panel racks. Variable height sheet racks cater for different sized materials such as panels, metal sheets or slabs.

Customizable sheet racking systems provide flexibility, since posts can be added, moved or taken out, to accommodate different materials. Bundle racks have a greater capacity than slab racks.

A-frame Racks & carts are used in many industries. Most often they are seen used as a glass rack, but they are also used for slabs of stone or wood. A-frame carts are fully portable and can be lifted onto construction sites for installation of materials.

Whatever the industry you work in, whether you work with panels, metal sheets, glass, wooden worktops or stone slabs, you will need solutions for sheet storage. At HOF Equipment Co you will find portable A-frames, metal sheet storage, glass carts, slab racks and so much more! Visit us online or call 888-990-1150 today.