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Aardwolf ABR Bundle Rack Kits

Aardwolf ABR0107 Bundle Rack Kit (not shown as sold)
Aardwolf ABR0108 Bundle Rack Kit (not shown as sold)
SPB1214, SPB1618 Optional Post Base
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$1,457.00 - $1,561.00
SKU: ABR0107


Aardwolf Bundle Rack Kits, models ABR0107 and ABR0108, are a versatile solution for storing slabs of stone, glass or steel in the upright position. Made of galvanized square tube steel, each heavy-duty bundle rack kit is comprised of (2) 115.1" long galvanized rails and 8 galvanized steel tube poles. The poles measure 4" x 2" at the base, and fit snugly into the rails. Posts can be placed anywhere along the rails. Model ABR0107 includes 8 poles measuring 55.1" tall, while model ABR0108 has 63" high posts. Optional post bases (sold individually) clip easily onto poles, assisting in placing slabs at a precise 4° lean for safety. Aardwolf Bundle Rack Kits are easy to assemble and accommodate a wide range of stone, glass or metal sheets or slabs in safety. Slabs can be easily stored or removed from the rack by hand or with the aid of an overhead lifting device. The Aardwolf Bundle Rack protects materials from scratching and chipping, while also offering high visibility and easy access to materials.


The maximum capacity of this bundle rack system depends on the slab dimensions and thickness. Consult Aardwolf's calculator to calculate the slab storage capacity HERE.




Bundle Rack Kits:
ABR0107Includes Pair of 115" long Rails and (8) 55" tall Poles431 LBS $1,457.00
ABR0108Includes Pair of 115" long Rails and (8) 63" tall Poles470 LBS $1,556.00
Optional Post Bases (sold individually):
SPB1214Clip-on Post Base for 47"-55" Poles2 LBS $5.00
SPB1618Clip-on Post Base for 63"-70" Poles2 LBS $5.00

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