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Vestl EHLTGT Ground Level Lift & Tilt Tables

Vestil EHLTGT Lift & Tilt Table
Vestil Lift & Tilt Table
Vestil FC-4 Dual Foot Control
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SKU: EHLTGT-5252-2-36


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Vestil EHLTGT Ground Lift & Tilt Tables are built to raise and/or tilt materials to an ergonomic position which aids in decreasing user bending motion. Lift and tilt functions are controlled independently. Tables come in 2,000 or 4,000 LB capacities and with either 44”x 52¾” or 52” x 52¾” usable deck sizes. The maximum raised deck height is 35⁵⁄₁₆” or 47⁵⁄₁₆” depending on model. The maximum tilt angle is 45°. The advantage of these lift and tilt tables is that material can be loaded and unloaded at the ground level with the use of a standard pallet jack. A ramp is not required and the tables do not need to be pit mounted. Lift and tilt operation are controlled separately using a hand-held control pendant on a coil cord. Vestil EHLTGT lift and tilt tables are steel construction with a rugged blue enamel finish for many years of reliable service.

Vestil EHLTGT Lift & Tilt Tables safety features include front side electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table, velocity fuse to maintain platform height in the event of loss of hydraulic pressure, and maintenance prop.


Vestil EHLTGT Ground Level Lift & Tilt Tables are built to order with an estimated lead time of 18 to 20 weeks.



  • Ground level loading and unloading with a standard pallet truck
  • Lift and tilt functions are controlled separately, dead man controls allow the unit to be stopped anywhere in the lift and tilt sequence range
  • Max. tilt angle: 45°
  • 2,000 & 4,000 LB capacity models available
  • Remote power unit with 4 button hand-held control on 8' coil cord (foot control available)
  • Deck lowered height ½” | Deck max. raised height 35⁵⁄₁₆” or 47⁵⁄₁₆” (see models in chart below)
  • Usable deck size: 44”x 52¾” or 52” x 52¾” depending on model
  • 430V/3 PH motor delivers best torque with minimal amperage draw and maximum life (other voltages available - see options)
  • Steel construction with enamel finish



  • Voltage Change to 115v/1ph, 208-230v/1ph, or 208-230v/3ph (replaces standard 460v/3ph) - Models with prefix VCC
  • 4 Pedal Foot Control (replaces 4 button hand control)- Model FC-4
  • Radio Remote Control - Model RRC-4-PB - Contact HOF for a quote



Vestil EHLTGT Lift & Tilt Tables:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Usable Platform (WxL)Lowered | Raised Height WeightPriceQty
EHLTGT-4452-2-362000 LBS44" x 52-3/4" 1/2" | 35-5/16"2116 LBS $6,746.00
EHLTGT-4452-4-364000 LBS44" x 52-3/4"1/2" | 35-5/16"2230 LBS $8,165.00
EHLTGT-4472-2-482000 LBS44" x 72-3/4"1/2" | 47-5/16"2950 LBS $7,293.00
EHLTGT-4472-4-484000 LBS44" x 72-3/4"1/2" | 47-5/16"3013 LBS $9,122.00
EHLTGT-5252-2-362000 LBS52" x 52-3/4"1/2" | 35-5/16"2337 LBS $6,897.00
EHLTGT-5252-4-364000 LBS52" x 52-3/4"1/2" | 35-5/16"2322 LBS $8,322.00
EHLTGT-5272-2-482000 LBS52" x 72-3/4"1/2" | 47-5/16"3045 LBS $7,445.00
EHLTGT-5272-4-484000 LBS52" x 72-3/4"1/2" | 47-5/16"3074 LBS $9,277.00
VCC-208/230-3Voltage Change to 208-230v, 3 Phase (replaces standard 460v, 3 Phase)0 LBS $76.00
VCC-208/230-1Voltage Change to 208-230v, 1 Phase (replaces standard 460v, 3 Phase)0 LBS $76.00
VCC-115-1Voltage Change to 115v 1 Phase (replaces standard 460v / 3 Phase)0 LBS $76.00
FC-4Dual Foot Control (replaces 4 button hand control)10 LBS $306.00

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