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Vestil VHPS-2000-FF Manual Pallet Stacker

Vestil VHPS-2000-FF Manual Pallet Stacker
Vestil VHPS-DK
Vestil VHPS-2000-FF
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The Vestil VHPS-2000-FF Manual Hydraulic Pallet Stacker is designed to be compact enough to fit through standard sized doors, simple to operate, and maintenance free. This heavy duty manual pallet stacker can lift 2,000 LBS to a maximum height of 63”. Stacker features fixed forks and fixed legs allowing it to be used to lift open bottom skids only. Forks are 26¾"W O.D. and 42-1/8”L and are raised via hydraulic hand pump operation and lowered using a release lever located on the handle. Manual pallet stacker lifts 1" per handle pump. The VHPS-2000-FF rolls easily on two rigid and two swivel casters with brake.

The Vestil VHPS-2000 may only be used with open bottom pallets or skids. Not for use with pallets or skids that have an understructure.



  • For use with open bottom skids only
  • Capacity: 2,000 LBS
  • 3¾" lowered height / 63" max. raised height
  • Forks & legs are fixed at 26¾"W O.D.
  • Individual Fork Size: 5.9"W x 42⅛"L
  • Full height push handle for easy steering
  • Excellent visibility through welded mesh guard
  • Manual hydraulic hand pump operation with lever release on the handle
  • Two rigid and two swivel casters with brake
  • Overall Size: 27³⁄₈"W x 60¼"L x 82¼"H
  • Weight: 570 LBS



  • Removable 27-3/8"W x 42-1/2"L solid steel platform that sits on forks - Model VHPS-DK



Vestil VHPS-2000-FF Manual Pallet Stacker:
VHPS-2000-FFManual Pallet Stacker2000 LBS570 LBS $1,921.00
VHPS-DKRemovable Solid Platform Attaches To Forks - 27-3/8"W x 42-1/2"L Usable46 LBS $276.00

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