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Vestil VDKR Steel Safety Railing - Silver Color

Vestil VDKR-6-SL Safety Railing
Available colors for VDKR Steel Safety Railings
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Vestil VDKR safety railing is ideal for keeping pedestrians or workers safe while on uneven walkways, near mezzanine edges, or when close to other dangerous areas with a drop off. Pipe railing features outside pipe diameter of 1⅝”, 42” high handrails, and 21" high mid-rails and is available in lengths ranging from 24" to 120". Mounting options include socket sleeves, cast steel bases, barricade bases, and cast steel sockets for easy handrail removal. In the case where toe boards are needed, cast steel base sockets models VDKR-P accept 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" wood slats and come standard with (2) lag down holes for mounting. Mountable powder coated steel toe boards are also available. Barricade bases with wheels are the perfect solution when portability is required, while safety gates provide easy access. Vestil VDKR 42" high pipe railings have a schedule 10 pipe construction and are constructed of all steel with a tough silver colored powder coat finish. VDKR safety railing satisfies federal OSHA requirements for standard guard rails in 29 CFR 1910.23.

Vestil VDKR silver colored safety railings have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 15 business days.



Vestil VDKR Safety Railing:
VDKR-2-SL24" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color19 LBS $66.00
VDKR-3-SL36" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color24 LBS $75.00
VDKR-4-SL48" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color28 LBS $81.00
VDKR-5-SL60" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color33 LBS $99.00
VDKR-6-SL72" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color34 LBS $104.00
VDKR-7-SL84" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color36 LBS $120.00
VDKR-8-SL96" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color48 LBS $127.00
VDKR-10-SL120" Long Pipe Railing - Silver Color59 LBS $171.00
Sockets, Bases & Gates (may increase lead time):
AS-383-4PKSet of (4) 3/8"x 3" Concrete Anchor Bolts4 LBS $15.00
VDKR-W-101Steel Single Socket5 LBS $21.00
VDKR-W-102Steel Double Socket7 LBS $25.00
VDKR-P101Cast Steel Single socket (Accept Toeboards)6 LBS $34.00
VDKR-P102Cast Steel Double Socket (Accept Toeboards)11 LBS $51.00
VDKR-BASECast Steel Permanent / Portable Base127 LBS $422.00
VDKR-VM2-SLWall Mount Bracket (1 bracket) - Silver Color6 LBS $46.00
VDKR-CONConnector Kit3 LBS $25.00
VDKR-P107-SLMetal Sleeve For Mounting In Concrete - Silver Color1 LBS $11.00
VDKR-BB-F-SLBarricade Base with Feet - Silver Color6 LBS $24.00
VDKR-BB-W-SLBarricade Base with Wheels - Silver Color7 LBS $30.00
VDKR-G3-B-SLSafety Railing Gate B-Shaped 36" x 36" - Silver Color37 LBS $122.00
VDKR-G3-SLSafety Railing Gate P-Shaped 36" x 36" - Silver Color23 LBS $113.00
VDKR-G4-SLSafety Railing Gate P-Shaped 48" x 36" - Silver Color37 LBS $121.00
Steel Toe Boards (may increase lead time):
VDKR-2-TB-SL2' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color12 LBS $45.00
VDKR-3-TB-SL3' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color14 LBS $49.00
VDKR-4-TB-SL4' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color20 LBS $60.00
VDKR-5-TB-SL5' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color22 LBS $63.00
VDKR-6-TB-SL6' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color24 LBS $66.00
VDKR-7-TB-SL7' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color51 LBS $70.00
VDKR-8-TB-SL8' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color58 LBS $75.00
VDKR-10-TB-SL10' Long Steel Toeboard - Silver Color60 LBS $90.00

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