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Vestil TS Steel Dock Boards - 25,000 LBS

Vestil TS-25 Steel Dock Board
Vestil TS-25 Steel Dock Board
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SKU: TS-25-6048


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Vestil TS-25 Steel Truck Dock Boards are built from high strength (55,000 PSI) steel making them ideal for high traffic loading docks. Steel Dock Boards feature a 25,000 LB capacity, diamond plate deck for enhanced traction, and beveled edge on both ends to allow smooth entry and exit. A leverlift comes standard for easier fork access under the dock board (optional pickup chains are available). Locking legs sit 12" from edge of board, minimize ramp movement, and are slightly uneven allowing the dock board to sit canted for easy forklift pickup. The bend is 11 degrees and 9" from beveled edge. Safety curbs aid in preventing runoffs and provide a visible through lane for the forklift driver. Vestil Steel Dock Boards are OSHA compliant. When using a three-wheeled forklift select capacity at +20% due to concentrated load on center of board.

Vestil TS-25 Steel Dock Boards are built to order with an estimated lead time of 15 business days to leave the warehouse.



  • 25,000 LB Capacity
  • The bend is 11 degrees and 9" from beveled edge
  • Legs are 12" from beveled edge
  • Diamond plate deck provides positive traction
  • Locking legs minimize ramp movement
  • Leverlift for fork access when moving board
  • Complies with OSHA Regulations
  • If using a three-wheeled forklift select capacity at +20% due to concentrated load on center of board



  • Lifting Chains (replaces standard Lever lift) - Models LC48-66-STL & LC72-84-STL
  • Special Bend Location - Model SBL-STL




Vestil Steel Dock Boards:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (WxL)Height DifferentialWeightPriceQty
TS-25-603025000 LBS60"x30"4"389 LBS $965.00
TS-25-603625000 LBS60"x36"5"447 LBS $1,097.00
TS-25-604225000 LBS60"x42"6"505 LBS $1,263.00
TS-25-604825000 LBS 60"x48"7"562 LBS $1,441.00
TS-25-605425000 LBS60"x54"8-1/2"625 LBS $1,591.00
TS-25-606025000 LBS 60"x60"10"695 LBS $1,784.00
TS-25-606625000 LBS60"x66"11"742 LBS $1,905.00
TS-25-607225000 LBS60"x72"12"791 LBS $2,124.00
TS-25-663025000 LBS66"x30"4"422 LBS $1,062.00
TS-25-663625000 LBS66"x36"5"483 LBS $1,185.00
TS-25-664225000 LBS66"x42"6"496 LBS $1,351.00
TS-25-664825000 LBS66"x48"7"516 LBS $1,555.00
TS-25-665425000 LBS66"x54"8-1/2"669 LBS $1,641.00
TS-25-666025000 LBS66"x60"10"731 LBS $1,770.00
TS-25-666625000 LBS66"x66"11"793 LBS $1,966.00
TS-25-667225000 LBS66"x72"12"855 LBS $2,295.00
TS-25-723025000 LBS72"x30"4"417 LBS $1,171.00
TS-25-723625000 LBS 72"x36"5"437 LBS $1,271.00
TS-25-724225000 LBS72"x42"6"480 LBS $1,467.00
TS-25-724825000 LBS 72"x48"7"651 LBS $1,671.00
TS-25-725425000 LBS 72"x54"8-1/2"616 LBS $1,872.00
TS-25-726025000 LBS 72"x60"10"807 LBS $2,070.00
TS-25-726625000 LBS72"x66"11"833 LBS $2,142.00
TS-25-727225000 LBS72"x72"12"859 LBS $2,465.00
TS-25-843625000 LBS84"x36"5"563 LBS $1,442.00
TS-25-844825000 LBS84"x48"7"741 LBS $1,900.00
TS-25-846025000 LBS84"x60"10"878 LBS $2,354.00
LC48-66-STLLifting Chains 48" to 66"8 LBS $67.00
LC72-84-STLLifting Chains 72" to 84"10 LBS $75.00
SBL-STLSpecial Bend Location0 LBS $48.00

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