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Vestil TM-40-DC Tilt Master

Vestil TM-40-DC Tilt Master
Vestil TM-40-DC
TM-40-DC Pallet Tilter
Optional TM-CHUTE
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The Vestil TM-40-DC Tilt Master is a manual push with powered tilt container tilter / pallet tilter that allows a single operator to tilt and transport open bottom pallets & skids, containers, totes, and boxes. This powerful tilter can tilt 4,000 LBS of material up to 90° allowing the operator to access the load without excessive bending or reaching. A 12V DC powered motor, hand control on 8’ coil cord, 115V on-board battery charger, and 12V battery come standard. Container tilter / pallet tilter features a narrow profile and a folding ergonomic handle with dual steering grips for easy maneuverability. The TM-40-DC rolls easily on 8" x 3" phenolic casters and is equipped with a floor lock. All steel construction with durable enamel finish for years of service. AC powered models and power traction drive models available – see options below. The TM-40-AC is a plug in model that runs on 115v / 1PH power.


Vestil TM-40-DC & TM-40-AC have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3 to 4 weeks.


TM-40-DC and TM-40-AC are designed to be used with open bottom skids and pallets. They cannot be used with regular skids and pallets that have an understructure.



  • Doubles as a pallet truck and a portable tilt table
  • Tilts up to 4,000 LBS of material up to 90°
  • Lowered fork height: 3⅝"
  • Operator Reach: 13½"
  • Overall Fork & Support Leg Width: Fixed at 26"W O.D.
  • Individual fork size: 6"W x 38⅛"L
  • 115V on-board battery charger, 12V battery, & battery charge indicator included (AC model runs on 115v/1ph power)
  • Hand control on 8’ coil cord
  • 8" x 3" phenolic casters and floor lock
  • Overall Size: 40⅞"W x 68"L x 28½"H (33" rotated height)
  • All steel construction



  • Retrofit chute for TM-series only - Model TM-CHUTE
  • Foot control - replaces hand control. Contact HOF for pricing.
  • AGM battery upgrade - factory installed - Model AGM-UPG-1-12V
  • Portable Traction Drive System option - Model PTDS (factory installed option). An alternative to costly fork trucks, the PTDS option makes portable equipment easy to maneuver with its 240º turning radius, and combination throttle/direction butterfly style controller; along with its adjustable yoke and, auto reverse emergency "belly" switch. This state of the art operation allows a single operator to perform a task then safely and ergonomically transport the product. CONTACT HOF EQUIPMENT CO. FOR PRICING.

Portable Traction Drive System Features:

- Adjustable yolk control (swivels and pivots up and down) for operator comfort.

- Overall Size: 40⅞"W x 76½"L x 28⅜"H.

- Key Lockout prevents unauthorized use.

- Safety Horn alerts any adjacent personnel.

- 2 deep cycle batteries 24V DC system and on-board battery charger (battery charge indicator optional model TM-BCI).

- Programmable Motor Control allows the vehicle to gradually reach the max speed (2.5 mph)

- Auto-locking Electromagnetic Brake actuated when the throttle is released. Braking distances can be set by the operator according to their needs.

- Auto Reverse Emergency Switch "belly" switch stop movement in the reverse direction when bumped for the operators protection.




Vestil Tilt Master TM-40:
TM-40-DC12V DC Powered Tilt Master4000 LBS771 LBS $5,073.00
TM-40-AC115V / 1 PH AC Powered Tilt Master 4000 LBS658 LBS $5,073.00
TM-CHUTERetro Fit Chute18 LBS $247.00
AGM-UPG-1-12V12V AGM Upgrade Battery (factory installed)41 LBS $376.00

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