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Vestil TDT-50 Tilt Trucks

Vestil TDT-50-LD-BLUE Tilt Truck
Vestil TDT-50-HD-BLACK Tilt Truck
Vestil TDT-50-HD-RED Industrial Tilt Truck
Vestil TDT-50-HD-YELLOW Industrial Tilt Truck
Vestil TDT-50-HD-BLUE Tilt Truck
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Vestil TDT-50 Series Tilt Trucks feature a 1/2 cubic yard capacity and heavy-duty polyethylene construction designed to stand up to hot and cold weather. Tilt trucks are ideal for use in high traffic areas and facilitate easy collection of materials or refuse from multiple locations. A balanced design, steel tubular push/dump handle, and tapered front end make it simple for a single person to collect, transport, and dump materials. Trucks feature a sturdy single piece molded polyethylene body with steel base tip support. A rust resistant powder coated frame increases durability and service life. TDT-50 tilt trucks roll smoothly and maneuver easily on two front oversized rubber wheels and two rear swivel casters. Not for use with a forklift.

Available colors are Blue, Black, Red and Yellow.



  • Durable singe piece molded polyethylene body that will not dent or corrode
  • Rust resistant powder coated frame
  • Steel base tip support
  • Tapered front and balanced design provide for easy one person dumping
  • Steel tubular push/dump handle
  • Two oversized front rubber wheels and two rear swivel casters



Vestil Tilt Trucks - 1/2 Cubic Yards:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Volume - Cubic YardsSize (LxWxH)WeightPriceQty
TDT-50-LD-BLUE450 LBS 1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"91 LBS $391.00
TDT-50-LD-BLACK450 LBS 1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"91 LBS $391.00
TDT-50-LD-RED450 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"91 LBS $391.00
TDT-50-LD-YELLOW450 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"91 LBS $391.00
TDT-50-MD-BLUE850 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"108 LBS $559.00
TDT-50-MD-BLACK850 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"108 LBS $559.00
TDT-50-MD-RED850 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"108 LBS $559.00
TDT-50-MD-YELLOW850 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"108 LBS $559.00
TDT-50-HD-BLUE1400 LBS 1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"113 LBS $637.00
TDT-50-HD-BLACK1400 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"113 LBS $637.00
TDT-50-HD-RED1400 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"113 LBS $637.00
TDT-50-HD-YELLOW1400 LBS1/2 Cu.Yd.28"x62"x35"113 LBS $637.00

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