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Vestil TAS Aluminum Dock Boards - 10,000 LB

Vestil TAS-10-6048 Aluminum Dock Board
Vestil ALL Leverlift Option
Vestil LC48-66 Lifting Chain Option
Vestil SSL Sliding Span Locks Option
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$498.00 - $1,061.00
SKU: TAS-10-6048

Vestil TAS-10-6036, TAS-10-6048, TAS-10-6060, and TAS-10-6072 Aluminum Dock Boards bridge the gap between loading dock and truck allowing a forklift, pallet truck, or hand truck to quickly and easily load and unload trucks. Industrial grade and OSHA compliant, these aluminum dock boards are designed for easy portability and feature a 10,000 LB capacity, diamond plate deck, and a beveled edge for smooth entry and exit. Bolted on steel legs hold the dock board steady while in use and are designed to allow the dock board to sit canted for easy pickup by a forklift for transport. Welded steel curbs with yellow powder coat finish provide a visible sight lane for the forklift driver and help prevent runoffs. Vestil TAS series aluminum dock boards contain a bend that is 11° and 9" from the edge. Made from high strength aluminum for a long service life.

When Selecting A Dock Board:

  • The width of the dockboard should be at least 15 inches wider than the forklift or load passing between the curbs.

  • When using a three-wheeled forklift, a dockboard with a capacity at least four-times the lifting capacity of forklift is required.

  • Capacities for dock boards vary depending on what type of equipment you are using to carry the load.To determine what capacity of dock board you need based on your equipment click this link: Aluminum Dock Board Capacity



    • 10,000 LB capacity
    • Edges are beveled for easy entry and exit
    • The bend is 11 degrees and 9" from edge
    • Steel legs are 12" from edge and are canted allowing for easy dock board pick up
    • Diamond tread plate deck provides positive traction
    • Powder coated steel safety curbs with cast tapered ends
    • OSHA Compliant



    • Lifting Chains - Models LC
    • Leverlift - Model ALL
    • Sliding Span Locks - Model SSL


              (select models noted below)


Vestil TAS 10,000 LB Aluminum Dock Boards:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (WxL)Height Diff 11 / 19%Ships in WeightPriceQty
TAS-10-603610,000 LBS60" x 36"5"3 Bus. Days100 LBS $498.00
TAS-10-604810,000 LBS60" x 48"7"3 Bus. Days129 LBS $631.00
TAS-10-606010,000 LBS60" X 60"10"3 Bus. Days160 LBS $780.00
TAS-10-607210,000 LBS60" x 72"12"5 Bus. Days220 LBS $989.00
TAS-10-723610,000 LBS72" x 36"5"5 Bus. Days110 LBS $562.00
TAS-10-724810,000 LBS72" x 48"7"5 Bus. Days146 LBS $727.00
TAS-10-726010,000 LBS72" x 60"10"5 Bus. Day223 LBS $927.00
LC48-66Lifting Chains 48"W to 66"W (for 60"W dock boards)8 LBS $64.00
LC72-84Lifting Chains 72"W to 84"W (for 72"W dock boards)9 LBS $72.00
ALLLeverlift 0 LBS $69.00

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