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Vestil STTB Steel Toolboxes

Vestil STTB-2460-CF Steel Toolbox with Casters and Fork Pockets
Vestil STTB-2436 Steel Plate Toolbox
Vestil STTB Steel Toolbox with Casters
Vestil STTB-3060-F Steel Toolbox with Fork Pockets
Vestil STTB Portable Toolbox with Wheels
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SKU: STTB-3648-C


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Vestil STTB series Steel Toolboxes provide secure, portable storage for tools, personal belongings and small parts. Portable toolboxes feature a hinged safety hasp for securing with a padlock (not included), while handles are fixed to the ends of each toolbox for ease of maneuvering. These heavy duty portable steel toolboxes have a maximum capacity of 3,000 LBS. Models with -C and -CF suffixes move easily on 5" diameter poly-on-steel casters: two rigid and two swivel. Models with -F and -CF suffixes feature sturdy 8"W x 2⅞"H fork pockets on 24" centers attached to the base of the unit. Vestil STTB series portable toolboxes are made of steel treadplate with a powder coat finish for durability and long-term service.


Vestil STTB Toolboxes are built to order, with an estimated lead time of 40 business days to leave the warehouse.



  • Capacity: 3000 LBS
  • Usable size: 24" x 36" x 24" to 24" x 61" x 36" (see below)
  • Features casters, fork pockets or both (depending on model)
  • Overall height: 24-7/8" to 43-9/16"
  • Made of steel treadplate with a powder coat finish 



Vestil STTB Steel Toolboxes with Wheels:
SKUCapacity/Desc.FeaturesUsable Size (WxLxH)Overall HeightWeightPriceQty
STTB-24363000 LBS---24" x 36" x 24"24-7/8"147 LBS $471.00
STTB-2436-C3000 LBSCasters24" x 36" x 24"31-9/16"173 LBS $593.00
STTB-2436-F3000 LBSFork Pockets24" x 36" x 24"27-7/8"183 LBS $592.00
STTB-24483000 LBS---24" x 48" x 24"24-7/8"176 LBS $565.00
STTB-2448-C3000 LBSCasters24" x 48" x 24"31-9/16"177 LBS $693.00
STTB-2448-F3000 LBSFork Pockets24" x 48" x 24"27-7/8"212 LBS $692.00
STTB-2448-CF3000 LBSCasters & Fork Pockets24" x 49" x 24"31-9/16"251 LBS $790.00
STTB-24603000 LBS---24" x 60" x 24"24-7/8"299 LBS $691.00
STTB-2460-C3000 LBSCasters24" x 60" x 24"31-9/16"162 LBS $826.00
STTB-2460-F3000 LBSFork Pockets24" x 60" x 24"27-7/8"335 LBS $825.00
STTB-2460-CF3000 LBSCasters & Fork Pockets24" x 61" x 24"31-9/16"372 LBS $923.00
STTB-30603000 LBS---24" x 60" x 30"30-7/8"335 LBS $763.00
STTB-3060-C3000 LBSCasters30" x 60" x 30"37-9/16"113 LBS $899.00
STTB-3060-F3000 LBSFork Pockets24" x 60" x 30" 33-7/8"371 LBS $898.00
STTB-3060-CF3000 LBSCasters & Fork Pockets24" x 61" x 30"37-9/16"408 LBS $995.00
STTB-36483000 LBS---24" x 48" x 36"36-7/8"215 LBS $722.00
STTB-3648-C3000 LBSCasters36" x 48" x 36"43-9/16"179 LBS $851.00
STTB-3648-F3000 LBSFork Pockets24" x 48" x 36"39-7/8"251 LBS $851.00
STTB-3648-CF3000 LBSCasters & Fork Pockets24" x 49" x 36"43-1/2"288 LBS $948.00
STTB-36603000 LBS---24" x 60" x 36"36-7/8"370 LBS $850.00
STTB-3660-C3000 LBSCasters36" x 60" x 36"43-9/16"190 LBS $984.00
STTB-3660-F3000 LBSFork Pockets24" x 60" x 36"39-7/8"407 LBS $984.00
STTB-3660-CF3000 LBSCasters & Fork Pockets24" x 61" x 36"43-9/16"443 LBS $1,047.00

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