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Vestil STRAP-P2 Pallet Probe Strapping Cart

Vestil STRAP-P2 Strapping Cart
Vestil STRAP-P2
Vestil STRAP-P2 Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart
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The Vestil STRAP-P2 is a Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart designed to quickly and easily get polypropylene strapping through and around pallets. In lieu of the operator using his or her hands to get the banding through the pallet, this strapping cart uses a probe that is approximately ¾" wide and 5 foot long and contains a built-in eyelet. The banding is run through the eyelet much like a needle and thread and then the probe is pushed through pallet. The banding is then removed from the eyelet to complete the strapping procedure. The Vestil STRAP-P2 Strapping Cart accepts steel and polypropylene strapping. Features a 40" probe arm and built in equipment tray. Strapping is not included

The STRAP-P2 Strapping Cart is built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 25 to 30 business days.


To Operate: Simply roll cart to loaded pallet. Extend the probe arm and pull strapping to the clip at the end of the arm. When strapping is secured in end clip, roll cart so probe arm goes into the pallet along the center stringer. When the probe arm protrudes out of the opposite end of the pallet, the operator can then pull the strapping up and over pallet securing the load.



  • Applies 1/2", 5/8", & 3/4" steel and polypropylene strapping
  • For use with 16" diameter x 3" thick strapping roll core
  • Strapping roll diameter: 24" maximum diameter
  • Probe Arm Length: 40"
  • Equipment tray measures 19"W x 5-3/4"
  • Net Weight: 132 lbs




Vestil STRAP-P2 Strapping Cart:
STRAP-P2Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart1 Unit110 LBS $592.00
ST-12-16X3-BLHeavy Duty 1/2" Black POLY Strapping - 16" Dia x 3" Thick Core4500 Feet12 LBS $69.00
PSEAL-121/2" Seals for POLY Strapping1000 Pieces12 LBS $64.00
SS-12-HSHigh Strength 1/2" STEEL Strapping - 16" Dia x 3" Thick Core2540 Feet107 LBS $314.00
SSEAL-121/2" Seals for STEEL Strapping1000 Pieces14 LBS $85.00
Options: Cutters & Sealers:
CUT-D-1Poly Strapping Cutter0.5 LBS $12.00
PKG-PS-12Poly Strapping Sealer For " Strapping3 LBS $55.00
PKG-PSPoly Strapping Sealer For ⅝" Strapping3 LBS $48.00
PKG-C-125Steel Strapping Cutter For ⅜" to 1" Strapping3 LBS $54.00
PKG-SS-SMSteel Strapping Sealer For ⅜" AND " Strapping3 LBS $46.00
PKG-SS-LGSteel Strapping Sealer For ⅝" AND " Strapping3 LBS $55.00

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