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Vestil Steel Drum Heaters

Vestil DRH-S-55 Steel Drum Heater
Vestil Drum Heater
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$212.00 - $301.00


Vestil Steel Drum Heaters provide a fast and efficient means of heating up steel drums and pails. These drum heaters offer a solution for a wide range of freeze protection, viscosity control, and process temperature issues. This extra-wide 4” silicone rubber band heater is moisture and chemical resistant. A multi-stranded grounded heating element provides uniform heat and a long service life. Adjustable thermostat set-point of 50 to 425ºF. Spring closure can be expanded 3”. Vestil DRH-series drum heaters come standard with a 6 foot long power cord with grounded 3-prong plug, except for 240V models, which have no plug. Models marked "Canada Approved" are CSA approved for use in Canada only.


Vestil Steel Drum Heaters for the USA (without -CA suffix) normally ship in 3 business days except DRH-S-55-240 which ships in 15 business days. All models approved for Canada (with -CA suffix) have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 business days.



Vestil Steel Drum Heaters:
DRH-S-5Steel Pail / 5 gal.1205504.53 LBS $212.00
DRH-S-5-CASteel Pail / 5 gal. - Canada Approved1205504.53 LBS $212.00
DRH-S-15Steel Drums / 15 gal.1207004.53 LBS $230.00
DRH-S-15-CASteel Drums / 15 gal. - Canada Approved1207004.53 LBS $230.00
DRH-S-30Steel Drums / 30 gal.12010004.54 LBS $301.00
DRH-S-30-CASteel Drums / 30 gal. - Canada Approved12010004.54 LBS $264.00
DRH-S-55-240Steel Drums / 55 gal. 240 (no plug)12002.35 LBS $283.00
DRH-S-55-240-CASteel Drums / 55 gal. - Canada Approved240 (no plug)12002.35 LBS $283.00
DRH-S-55Steel Drums / 55 gal.12012004.55 LBS $283.00
DRH-S-55-CASteel Drums / 55 gal. - Canada Approved12012004.55 LBS $283.00

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