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Vestil Square Carousel Tops with Smooth Top

Vestil CA-48-2-TP-SSM Square Carousel Smooth Top
Vestil Square Carousel Top with Smooth Top
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Vestil Rugged 1/4" Steel Square Carousel Tops are factory welded to CA series manual carousels providing a customized carousel solution. Square Carousel Tops have a smooth platform and are available with capacities of 2,000, 4,000 or 6,000 LBS. Choose the capacity that matches the capacity of your carousel.

Vestil Square Carousel Tops are built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 or 35 business days, depending on model.



  • Capacities: 2000 LB, 4000 LB, or 6000 LB
  • Diameter: 18" to 72" (see below)
  • Made of 1/4" steel


Carousel tops cannot exceed the diameter of the carousel.


Square Carousel Tops with Tread Plate are also available.

Round Carousel Tops with Tread Plate or Smooth Tops also available.


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Vestil Square Carousel Tops with Smooth Top:
SKUCapacity/Desc.For Carousel Dia.Overall SizeWeightPriceQty
CA-18-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS18"18" x 18"35 LBS $342.00
CA-24-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS24"24" x 24"52 LBS $410.00
CA-30-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS30"30" x 30"72 LBS $443.00
CA-36-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS36"36" x 36"136 LBS $532.00
CA-40-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS40"40" x 40"160 LBS $606.00
CA-48-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS48"48" x 48"210 LBS $830.00
CA-60-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS60"60" x 60"322 LBS $1,197.00
CA-72-2-TP-SSM2000 LBS72"72" x 72"445 LBS $1,659.00
CA-24-4-TP-SSM4000 LBS24"24" x 24"52 LBS $441.00
CA-30-4-TP-SSM4000 LBS30"30" x 30"72 LBS $480.00
CA-36-4-TP-SSM4000 LBS36"36" x 36"136 LBS $586.00
CA-40-4-TP-SSM4000 LBS40"40" x 40"160 LBS $659.00
CA-48-4-TP-SSM4000 LBS48"48" x 48"210 LBS $883.00
CA-60-4-TP-SSM4000 LBS60"60" x 60"322 LBS $1,236.00
CA-72-4-TP-SSM4000 LBS72"72" x 72"445 LBS $1,680.00
CA-40-6-TP-SSM6000 LBS40"40" x 40"160 LBS $665.00
CA-48-6-TP-SSM6000 LBS48"48" x 48"210 LBS $903.00
CA-60-6-TP-SSM6000 LBS60"60" x 60"322 LBS $1,270.00
CA-72-6-TP-SSM6000 LBS72"72" x 72"445 LBS $1,699.00

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kevinpseus , 06/08/2018

We use a round top with a Vestil CA-48 manual carousel and it works well