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Vestil SLD Polyester Lifting Slings

Vestil SLD Polyester Lifting Sling
Vestil Lifting Sling
Vestil 10' Lifting Sling
Vestil SLD-3-F-6-YL Lifting Sling
Vestil SLD 3 wide Lifting Sling
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SKU: SLD-2-F-10-YL


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Vestil SLD Polyester Lifting Slings make it easy to lift heavy objects with minimal effort. These versatile slings can be used with forklift trucks and forklift attachments, and with other lifting devices. Woven from durable polyester and secured with strong stitching, these smooth-finish heavy-duty slings cause minimal abrasion on objects when lifted. When used basket-style, the Vestil SLD polyester lifting slings have double capacity. If used choker-style, the capacity is reduced by 20%. Yellow polyester makes these slings visible in all environments. Vestil lifting slings meet ANSI B30.9 standard and OSHA 1910.184(h).



Vestil SLD Lifting Slings:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (W x L)WeightPriceQty
SLD-1-F-4-YL3200 LB Vertical Capacity1" x 4'2 LBS $17.00
SLD-1-F-6-YL3200 LB Vertical Capacity1" x 6'2 LBS $19.00
SLD-1-F-8-YL3200 LB Vertical Capacity1" x 8'2 LBS $22.00
SLD-1-F-10-YL3200 LB Vertical Capacity1" x 10'2 LBS $25.00
SLD-2-F-4-YL6400 LB Vertical Capacity2" x 4'2 LBS $24.00
SLD-2-F-10-YL6400 LB Vertical Capacity2" x 10'2 LBS $36.00
SLD-3-F-4-YL8800 LB Vertical Capacity3" x 4'3 LBS $26.00
SLD-3-F-6-YL8800 LB Vertical Capacity3" x 6'3 LBS $38.00
SLD-3-F-8-YL8800 LB Vertical Capacity3" x 8'4 LBS $43.00
SLD-3-F-10-YL8800 LB Vertical Capacity3" x 10'4 LBS $53.00

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