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Vestil RR-65-20 Mechanical Dock Leveler

Vestil RR-65-20 Dock Leveler
Vestil RR-65-20
CAS-65 Curb Angle Set
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$2,907.00 - $4,324.00
SKU: RR-65-20


Additional Info

Vestil RR-65 Mechanical Dock Levelers allow for the quick and easy loading and unloading of trucks. This pit mounted dock leveler features manual pull chain operation. Models are available with capacities ranging from 20,000 lb to 50,000 lb. The service range is 12" above and below the dock edge on a standard 48" high dock. A 55,000 PSI, 1/4" checker plate deck and 6" structural steel support understructure provide for a long service life. The RR-65 Dock Levelers are designed and built to require very little maintenance.

Sizing a dock leveler for installation in an existing pit can be difficult. We recommend that you complete the dock leveler survey sheet above and email or fax it to us so we may recommend a size for a proper fit. Measure pit height at front and back of pit.


Vestil RR-65 Dock Levelers are built to order with the following estimated lead times to leave the warehouse:
RR-65-20, RR-65-25 & RR-65-30 - 10 business days
RR-65-35 & RR-65-40 - 15 business days
RR-65-45 & RR-65-50 - 20 business days



  • 20,000 LB - 50,000 LB Capacity
  • Smooth manual pull chain operation
  • Service range is 12" above and below dock on a standard 48" high dock
  • 16" lip
  • Overall Size: 6'W x 5'4"L including lip
  • Telescopic steel toe guard on both sides
  • Two laminated bumpers come standard


Options (may increase lead time):

  • Dual weather stripping (factory installed) - Model WS-DV
  • Emergency Stop - Model ES
  • Curb Angle Set - For new pit construction. Must be set in concrete. Dock Leveler is welded to the curb angle set - Model CAS-65
  • Under Deck Foam Insulation - Model FI
  • Shallow Pit Option - 17.5" minimum depth - Model SPO
  • 18" long lip for 6' wide dock leveler - Model 18"LIP/6
  • Leg Option for In Front of Dock Placement - Contact Us for Info
  • Steel Shell for Pour In Place Installation - Contact Us for info




Vestil RR-65-20 Mechanical Dock Leveler:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Overall Size (with lip) W x LWeightPriceQty
RR-65-2020000 LBS6' x 5'4"1445 LBS $2,907.00
RR-65-2525000 LBS6' x 5'4"1570 LBS $2,934.00
RR-65-3030000 LBS6' x 5'4"1609 LBS $3,117.00
RR-65-3535000 LBS6' x 5'4"1663 LBS $3,335.00
RR-65-4040000 LBS6' x 5'4"1663 LBS $3,568.00
RR-65-4545000 LBS5' x 6'4"1873 LBS $3,738.00
RR-65-5050000 LBS6' x 5'4"1873 LBS $4,050.00
Options (may increase lead time):
WS-DVDual Vinyl Weather Stripping - Factory Installed0 LBS $91.00
ESEmergency Stop 54 LBS $274.00
CAS-65Curb Angle Set - For new pit. Must be set in concrete.146 LBS $257.00
FIUnder-Deck Foam Insulation0 LBS $228.00
18"LIP/618" long Lip for 6' wide Dock Leveler31 LBS $154.00

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