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Vestil PRTD Pallet Racking

Vestil Pallet Racking
Vestil PRTD Pallet Racking
PRTD Pallet Rack Uprights and Beams
Vestil PRTD-16-42-24 Pallet Rack Upright
Vestil BEAM-S-850 Pallet Rack Beam
PRTD Pallet Rack Beam Positioning
Vestil FSR-6 Pallet Rack Spacer
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SKU: PRTD-10-42-19


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Vestil PRTD Pallet Racking is a versatile pallet racking system which can be customized to fit your workplace and specific needs. Uprights are available in heights ranging from 10' to 18' and with uniform capacities of 19,380 LBS or 24,000 LBS. All uprights are 42" wide, providing ample storage space. Step style beams provide support for products and can be positioned anywhere along the upright. Beams are 8', 9', 10' or 12' long and have an orange powder coat finish for increased visibility when loading and unloading. Frame spacers are also available, for separating back-to-back frames. Vestil PRTD pallet racks are made from heavy duty steel with a powder coat finish for durability.



  • Capacities: 19380 LB or 24000 LB available
  • Heights: 10" to 18" (see below)
  • Width: 42"
  • Beam length: 8', 9', 10' or 12' long
  • Made from heavy duty steel with a powder coat finish


How to Build a Custom Pallet Rack - See Charts Below:

STEP 1 - Select at least 2 uprights. There are various heights and capacities. Uprights are sold individually.

STEP 2 - Select at least 2 beams. Choose the length and capacity desired. Beams are sold individually.

STEP 3 - If required, pallet rack spacers can be purchased to allow back-to-back frames to be used safely.


Vestil PRTD Pallet Rack components have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3-5 business days. Please be aware that increased quantities ordered will entail a longer lead time. Please contact HOF for an estimate for the products you require.


We also offer a wide range of decking, support bars, gravity flow shelves, inserts, netting and guards for pallet racking - view our full selection HERE.



Uprights - Sold Individually:
PRTD-10-42-2424000 LBS - 10' High42"171 LBS $221.00
PRTD-14-42-1919380 LBS - 14' High42"173 LBS $218.00
Step Beams - Sold Individually:
BEAM-S-9606000 LBS Per Pair - 9' Long78 LBS $120.00
BEAM-S-9707000 LBS Per Pair - 9' Long82 LBS $125.00
BEAM-S-10707000 LBS Per Pair - 10' Long105 LBS $181.00
BEAM-S-12505000 LBS Per Pair - 12' Long105 LBS $166.00
BEAM-S-12606000 LBS Per Pair - 12' Long115 LBS $207.00
Frame Spacers - Sold Individually:
FSR-1212" Frame Spacer2 LBS $13.00

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