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Vestil LP-4000 Thin Spin Carousels

Vestil LP-4000T-45 Thin Spin Carousel
Vestil LP-4000T Thin Spin Carousel
Vestil LP-4000T-SS Stainless Steel Thin Spin Carousel
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$1,185.00 - $6,501.00
SKU: LP-4000T
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Vestil LP-4000T Thin Spin Carousels have a low profile that is ideal for loading and unloading pallets when floor space is minimal and loading is done with a hand pallet truck. Thin Spin carousels are easily pallet truck loadable due to its minimal 7/8" overall height. The effective ramping length is 4-3/8" and the slope is only 11°. A safety detent lock restricts carousel rotation when not in use. LP-4000T carousels require a rotation starting force of 35 LBS and a maintaining force of 25 LBS Stainless steel thin spin carousels are made of 304 stainless steel with mill finish.


       (3 day lead time does not include stainless steel models)


Vestil LP-4000T Thin Spin Carousels:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Usable DiameterOverall DiameterHeightWeightPriceQty
LP-4000TSteel 4000 LBS51"60"7/8"268 LBS $1,327.00
LP-4000T-45Steel 4000 LBS45"54"7/8"241 LBS $1,251.00
LP-4000T-39Steel 4000 LBS39"48"7/8"189 LBS $1,185.00
LP-4000T-SSStainless Steel 4000 LBS 51"60"7/8"268 LBS $6,501.00
LP-4000T-45-SSStainless Steel 4000 LBS 45'54'7/8"241 LBS $4,572.00
LP-4000T-39-SSStainless Steel 4000 LBS 39"48"7/8"189 LBS $4,270.00

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