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Vestil LM-EBNT-8-24 Non-Telescoping Forklift Boom

Vestil LM-EBNT-8-24 Non-Telescoping Forklift Boom
LM-EBNT-8-24 Forklift Boom
Non-Telescopic Forklift Boom
Non-Telescoping Forklift Boom
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The Vestil LM-EBNT-8-24 Non-Telescoping Forklift Boom is an economical and efficient choice for a wide array of lifting & transporting applications. This heavy-duty forklift boom attachment has a lifting capacity from 8,000 LBS at 36” to 4,850 LBS at 78½”. Boom comes standard with one rigid and one swivel lifting hook. In addition to the end hook point, this versatile forklift boom features 4 convenient intermediate hook points. The LM-EBNT-8-24 is constructed of structural steel with a durable enamel finish for years of the service. Welded to meet AWS specifications.

OSHA regulations require that users of forklift attachments obtain written approval from the forklift manufacturer before using the attachment.


Vestil LM-EBNT-8 series Forklift Boom Attachments are built to order and have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 to 25 business days.



  • Non-Telescopic
  • Fork pockets are 7¼"W x 2¼"H usable on 11", 24", 30" or 36" centers, depending on model 
  • Larger pockets optional - see Options chart below
  • Two lifting hooks (1 swivel & 1 rigid)
  • Slot lock for easy chain use
  • End hook point plus 4 intermediate hook points
  • Safety restraint to secure the boom to the forklift for safe operation
  • Maximum hook point: 78½"


Options: (may increase standard lead time)

  • Model LM-FP - Larger Fork Pockets 8¼"W x 4¼"H (Inside Dimensions) 
  • Model LM-FP-37 - Larger Fork Pockets 7"W x 3"H (Inside Dimensions) 
  • Model LM-FP-39 - Larger Fork Pockets 9"W x 3"H (Inside Dimensions) 




Vestil Forklift Booms:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Fork Pocket CenterMaximum Hook PointWeightPriceQty
LM-EBNT-8-248000 LBS AT 36"24"78-1/2"418 LBS $1,482.00
LM-EBNT-8-308000 LBS AT 36"30"78-1/2"634 LBS $1,527.00
LM-EBNT-8-368000 LBS AT 36"36"78-1/2"658 LBS $1,572.00
SKUCapacity/Desc.Lead TimeWeightPriceQty
LM-FPLarger Fork Pockets 8-1/4"W x 4-1/4"H (Inside Dimensions) 10 bus. days23 LBS $290.00
LM-FP-37Larger Fork Pockets 7"W x 3"H (Inside Dimensions) 20 bus. days23 LBS $290.00
LM-FP-39Larger Fork Pockets 9"W x 3"H (Inside Dimensions) 20 bus. days23 LBS $290.00

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