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Vestil JIB-CBX Portable Offset Jib Cranes

Vestil JIB-CBX Jib Crane
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SKU: JIB-CBX-50-10-10


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Vestil JIB-CBX Portable Offset Jib Cranes, models JIB-CBX-25-8-10, JIB-CBX-25-10-10, JIB-CBX-50-8-10, JIB-CBX-50-10-10, & JIB-CBX-100-8-10 feature an offset base design allowing for a bigger usable work area below the I-beam. The fixed length W Type I-beam pivots 360° for complete access. Cranes have built-in fork pockets for easy forklift tranport. The included counter-balance base does not come filled with concrete. Instructions are included on the proper filling of the base with concrete. Base may be ordered pre-filled with concrete for immediate use (see options below). Ships knocked down, simple assembly required. Vestil JIB-CBX jib cranes are not intended to be used as a forklift attachment.

Vestil JIB-CBX Jib Cranes are built to order with an estimated lead time of 40 to 50 business days to leave the warehouse.



  • Fixed length W Type I-beam pivots 360° for full access
  • Base size is 42¼"W x 42¼"L x 18"H or 36"H
  • Base includes built-in fork pockets for transportation with forklift
  • 18"H base requires (41) 60 lb. bags of sakrete mix (36"H base requires 82 bags)
  • Models with suffix BC feature a factory pre-filled concrete counter-balance base with fork pockets
  • Fork pockets are 7⅝" wide x 2⅝" high usable
  • Under I-beam clearance is 10'
  • Steel construction with blue painted finish


Hoist and Trolley sold separately. Click link to see our selection of Hoists and Trolleys




Product should be inspected frequently to insure safe operation. Testing and inspection of the unit is the responsibility of the end user after final assembly has been completed. For further details see ASME B30.17.

Vestil JIB-CBX Portable Offset Jib Cranes:
SKUCapacity/Desc.BaseI-Beam LengthBase HeightWeightPriceQty
JIB-CBX-25-8-10250 LBSEmpty8'18"1240 LBS $2,463.00
JIB-CB-25-8-10-BC250 LBSConcrete Filled8'18"3527 LBS $2,470.00
JIB-CBX-25-10-10250 LBSEmpty10'18"1193 LBS $3,679.00
JIB-CBX-25-10-10-BC250 LBSConcrete Filled10'18"3570 LBS $3,933.00
JIB-CBX-50-8-10500 LBSEmpty8'18"1169 LBS $3,637.00
JIB-CBX-50-8-10-BC500 LBSConcrete Filled8'18"3527 LBS $3,860.00
JIB-CBX-50-10-10500 LBSEmpty10'36"1361 LBS $4,777.00
JIB-CBX-50-10-10-BC500 LBSConcrete Filled10'36"6268 LBS $5,206.00
JIB-CBX-100-8-101000 LBSEmpty8'36"1332 LBS $4,642.00
JIB-CBX-100-8-10-BC1000 LBSConcrete Filled8'36"6234 LBS $5,061.00
JIB-CBX-18-BAdditional EMPTY counterbalance base with fork pockets - 18"H350 LBS $695.00
JIB-CBX-18-BCAdditional PRE-FILLED CONCRETE counterbalance base with fork pockets - 18"H2870 LBS $968.00
JIB-CBX-36-BAdditional EMPTY counterbalance base with fork pockets - 36"H520 LBS $892.00
JIB-CBX-36-BCAdditional PRE-FILLED CONCRETE counterbalance base with fork pockets - 36"H5449 LBS $1,244.00

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