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Vestil HYD-10-DC Hefti-Lift

Vestil HYD-10-DC Hefti-Lift
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Vestil HYD-10-DC
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The Vestil HYD-10-DC Hefti-Lift is a powered platform lift truck that provides a powerful solution for transporting, lifting, and positioning materials in a variety of commercial, office, and industrial applications. The battery powered Hefti-Lift has a 0.9 HP lift motor that is powered by (1) 12V battery (included). Charging is accomplished using the included 115V 6 amp battery charger. This versatile platform lift truck features a removable chrome plated platform allowing the unit to lift up to 880 LBS of material to a maximum height of 59" using the platform or the 4½" W x 2½" thick forks. The Vestil HYD-10-DC Hefti-Lift rolls smoothly on two front rigid and two rear swivel poly-on-steel casters. All welded steel construction with chrome platform and uprights for years of service.



  • Capacity: 880 LBS
  • Service Range: 3½" to 59"
  • Lift Speed To Max Height: 30 seconds loaded / 20 seconds unloaded
  • Includes 12V battery and 115V 6 amp battery charger
  • Removable 23"W x 25¾"L chrome plated platform
  • Each fork is 4½"W x 25¾"L x 2½" thick
  • DC powered 0.9 HP Hydraulic Lift Motor
  • Overall fork dimensions are 22⁷⁄₈"W x 25¾"L
  • All welded steel construction with chrome platform and uprights
  • Two front rigid & two rear swivel polyurethane casters
  • Weight: 330 LBS


Optional Attachments (see photos above and pricing below):

  • Single Spindle - Model HYDC-SPIN
  • Double Spindle - Model HYDC-DSPIN
  • V-Shape Fork - Model HYDC-VFRK
  • Roller Platform - Model HYDC-RP
  • Ball Transfer Platform - Model HYDC-BTP
  • Stainless Steel Platform - Model HYDC-SSP
  • V Block Platform - Model HYDC-VBLK
  • Rubber Roller - Model HYDC-RR
  • Fork Hook - Model HYDC-FRKHK




Vestil HYD-10-DC Hefti-Lift:
HYD-10-DC880 LBS - DC Powered Lift330 LBS $2,808.00
HYDC-DSPINDouble Spindle18 LBS $91.00
HYDC-VFRKV-Shape Fork28 LBS $150.00
HYDC-RPRoller Platform44 LBS $366.00
HYDC-BTPBall Transfer Platform34 LBS $400.00
HYDC-SSPStainless Steel Platform22 LBS $241.00
HYDC-VBLKV Block27 LBS $152.00
HYDC-RRRubber Roller22 LBS $348.00

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