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Vestil GR-F3R BO Bolt-On Steel Guard Rails

Vestil GR-F3R-BO Bolt-On Steel Guard Rails
Steel Safety Guard Rails
Bolt-On Warehouse Guard Rails
Vestil GR-F3R-BO Rigid Post
Rigid Post for Steel Guard Rail
Vestil F3R-GBS Swing Gate for Guard Rail System
Hinged Gait for Guard Rail System
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$40.00 - $529.00


Vestil GR-F3R-BO Bolt-On Steel Guard Rails create a modular system to protect equipment, inventory, and individuals from damage or injury. 3-rib corrugated rails are constructed from ⅛" thick steel for high impact resistance indoors or out. Mounting posts are constructed of ¼" thick steel and feature a steel base plate measuring 10" square X ⅝" thick. Bolts and washers to mount guard rails to mounting posts are provided with individual rail sections. Concrete anchor bolts are optional - see bottom chart below. Vestil GR-F3R-BO safety guard rails are designed for permanent installation.

Also available - Swing-operated Hinged Gates for guard rail system - see bottom chart. Gates attach to mounting posts (not included) and open 90 degrees or greater. Hinged gates have black powder-coated brackets and come with hardware necessary for installation.

Modular System - Guard Rails and Mounting Posts Sold Separately - See Charts Below


Vestil GR-F3R-BO Steel Guard Rails have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3 business days.

Vestil Mounting Posts, models GR-F3R-BO-TP18-YL and GR-F3R-BO-TP42-YL have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3 business days, while models GR-F3R-BO-TP60-YL and GR-F3R-BO-TP72-YL leave the warehouse in approximately 5 business days.

Vestil GR-F3R-GBS Swing Gates have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3 business days.


Vestil GR-F3R-BO warehouse guard rail parts come in a variety of colors - see picture below. For Galvanized Steel Guard Rails (suffix -HDG), click HERE. For colors other than the standard yellow (suffix -YL), contact us for pricing.


Guard Rails - Bolt-on Style (3 Rib):
SKUCapacity/Desc.Rail Length | HeightWeightPriceQty
GR-F3R-BO-1-YLGuard Rail12" | 15"16 LBS $40.00
GR-F3R-BO-2-YLGuard Rail24" | 15"23 LBS $48.00
GR-F3R-BO-3-YLGuard Rail29-7/8" | 15"36 LBS $82.00
GR-F3R-BO-4-YLGuard Rail41-7/8" | 15"45 LBS $96.00
GR-F3R-BO-5-YLGuard Rail53-7/8" | 15"60 LBS $109.00
GR-F3R-BO-6-YLGuard Rail65-7/8" | 15"72 LBS $122.00
GR-F3R-BO-7-YLGuard Rail77-7/8" | 15"84 LBS $135.00
GR-F3R-BO-8-YLGuard Rail89-7/8" | 15"96 LBS $148.00
GR-F3R-BO-9-YLGuard Rail101-7/8" | 15"108 LBS $162.00
GR-F3R-BO-10-YLGuard Rail113-7/8" | 15"120 LBS $175.00
Mounting Posts (2 required per Rail):
SKUCapacity/Desc.HeightLead TimeWeightPriceQty
GR-F3R-BO-TP18-YL1 Rigid Post - Holds 1 Rail Level18"3 bus. days36 LBS $80.00
GR-F3R-BO-TP42-YL1 Rigid Post - Holds 2 Rail Levels42"3 bus. days65 LBS $114.00
GR-F3R-BO-TP60-YL1 Rigid Post - Holds 3 Rail Levels60"5 bus. days83 LBS $135.00
GR-F3R-BO-TP72-YL1 Rigid Post - Holds 4 Rail Levels72"5 bus. days95 LBS $157.00
AS-344-4PKSet of (4) 3/4" x 4-1/4" Concrete Anchor Bolts---3 bus. days4 LBS $15.00
Guard Rail Swing Gate (3 Rib):
SKUCapacity/Desc.Approx. Gate Length | HeightLead TimeWeightPriceQty
GR-F3R-GBS-3-YLSingle Rail Swing Gate36" | 15”2 bus. days36 LBS $105.00
GR-F3R-GBS-4-YLSingle Rail Swing Gate48" | 15”2 bus. days45 LBS $121.00
GR-F3R-GBS-5-YLSingle Rail Swing Gate60" | 15”2 bus. days91 LBS $137.00
GR-F3R-GBS-6-YLSingle Rail Swing Gate72" | 15”2 bus. days104 LBS $146.00
GR-F3R-GBS-7-YLSingle Rail Swing Gate84" | 15”2 bus. days115 LBS $182.00
GR-F3R-GBS-8-YLSingle Rail Swing Gate96" | 15”2 bus. days131 LBS $197.00

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