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Vestil ELH Mini Lever Hoists

Vestil ELH Mini Lever Hoist
ELH-10-10 Lightweight Lever Hoist
Lightweight Lever Hoist
ELH-05-5 Mini Lever Hoist
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SKU: ELH-10-10


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Vestil ELH Lightweight lever hoists are compact, easy to operate, and feature long-life brake discs for precise load positioning. Lever hoists are made from alloy steel and are heat treated, making them strong and impact resistant. Single handed free chaining is simple and trouble free in the vertical and horizontal position. Each hoist is operationally tested to 150% of rated capacity and is issued with a test certificate. Vestil EHL mini lever hoists come standard with a storage bag. Maximum capacities of 500 LBS or 1,000 LBS, depending on model.



  • Capacities: 500 LB and 1,000 LB
  • Disc brake
  • Chain is free wheeling in neutral position to quickly take up chain slack
  • Short lever handle can rotate 360 degrees
  • Durable baked enamel paint protects non-wearing parts from damage
  • Alloy steel chain (grade 80)



Vestil Lever Hoists:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Lift (feet)Min. Distance b/n HooksHandle LengthWeightPriceQty
ELH-05-5500 LBS5'8.25"6"5 LBS $139.00
ELH-05-10500 LBS10'8.25"6"11 LBS $152.00
ELH-05-15500 LBS15'8.25"6"15 LBS $162.00
ELH-10-101000 LBS10'10"8.5"13 LBS $170.00
ELH-10-151000 LBS15'10"8.5"17 LBS $182.00
ELH-10-201000 LBS20'10"8.5"22 LBS $203.00

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