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Vestil DLI Digital Hanging Scales

Vestil DLI-14 Digital Load Indicator
DL1-1 Digital Load Indicator
Vestil DLI Digital Load Indicator
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$561.00 - $749.00


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Vestil DLI-series Digital Hanging Scales are a compact, lightweight solution for measuring the weight of loads. Models are available to measure up to a maximum of 14,000 LBS - see chart below. They can be used with shackles and hooks, and are ideal for conditions which would make conventional scales impractical. These digital load indicators operate correctly in temperatures of between 14° and 104° F and measure in pounds, ounces, kilograms or grams. The 1½" long LCD display can show tare, gross and net load weight. Vestil DLI Digital Crane Scales come standard with 3 AA batteries and have automatic stand-by which increases battery life. 



Vestil DLI Digital Load Indicators:
SKUCapacity/Desc.PrecisionPin Hole: Diameter | DepthWeightPriceQty
DLI-05500 LBS4.4 LBS1/2" | 5/8"2 LBS $561.00
DLI-11000 LBS9 LBS1/2" | 5/8"2 LBS $572.00
DLI-22000 LBS18 LBS1/2" | 5/8"2 LBS $580.00
DLI-44000 LBS33 LBS7/8" | 1"2 LBS $631.00
DLI-77000 LBS55 LBS7/8" | 1"2 LBS $687.00
DLI-1414000 LBS100 LBS1" | 1"2 LBS $749.00

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