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Vestil CRP-120 Inverted Forklift Carpet Pole

Vestil CRP-120 Inverted Fork Mounted Carpet Pole / Pipe Carrier
Vestil CRP-120
Vestil CRP-120 Carpet Pole
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SKU: CRP-120
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The Vestil CRP-120 is a 120½" Long Inverted Fork Mounted carpet Pole / Coil Ram / Pipe Carrier designed to make the transport of rolls of carpet, rolls other material, and pipes simple. Inverted design allows the roll to pass under the forks thereby avoiding potential roll damage from contact with the forks. This versatile carpet pole design is also more maneuverable since the overall projection from the forklift is reduced due the roll being under the forks and closer to the forklift. To use, the operator drives the forklift forks into 7½"W x 2½"H fork pockets on 24" centers and attach the safety restraint to the forklift. Carpet Pole feature a 2¾" diameter rotatable, replaceable pole with safety yellow tapered tip for better depth perception. The CRP-120 is made from fatigue resistant steel with a durable blue enamel finish for years of reliable service.

WARNING: Load length should not exceed length of pole. Lifting roll material buried under other roll material will exert extra force on pole and may damage pole.



  • Fork Mount - Inverted
  • Capacity: 2,200 LBS
  • Pole Length: 120½" (10' ½")
  • Pole Diameter: 2¾"
  • Weight: 488 LBS




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