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Vestil CL Steel Cargo Bars

Vestil CL-15 Cargo Bar
Vestil CL-17 Folding Cargo Bar
Vestil CL-17 Galvanized Steel Cargo Bar
Vestil CL-18 Telescoping Cargo Bar
CL-20 Cargo Bar for use with E-Track
Section of Steel E-Track for Trailers
E-Track for CL-20 Cargo Bar
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SKU: CL-20


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Vestil CL Steel Cargo Bars are designed to hold trailer cargo securely in place while trailer is in motion. Cargo bars are made of 1½" square aluminum tubing that won't bend, and are adjustable in length, locking in place with a heavy duty locking ratchet. Models CL-17 & CL-20 fold into two for ease of transport, while CL-18 is a telescopic bar made of 2 pieces which separate for storage. Models CL-15, CL-16, CL-17 & CL-18 feature vulcanized rubber foot pads on the end plates, which grip the sides of the trailer, keeping cargo safely in place. Model CL-20 has E-Track pads on the end plates, making it compatible with E-Track. Vestil E-Track can be mounted on truck walls - see second chart below. E-Track is available in 2', 4', 5' or 10' lengths, in packs of 2, 4, 6 or 10 tracks.



Vestil CL Steel Cargo Bars:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Service RangeTypeWeightPriceQty
CL-15One Piece Cargo Bar87" to 119"Steel15 LBS $66.00
CL-16One Piece Cargo Bar87" to 119"Galvanized15 LBS $66.00
CL-172 Piece Folding Cargo Bar88" to 116"Galvanized17 LBS $68.00
CL-182 Piece Telescopic Cargo Bar90-3/8" to 139-3/16"Galvanized24 LBS $66.00
CL-202 Piece Folding Cargo Bar - Compatible with E-Track87" to 116"Steel18 LBS $85.00
E-Track - Compatible with CL-20:
SKUCapacity/Desc.No. of Mounting HolesWeightPriceQty
E-TRK-2-GY-2PK2' E-Track - 2 pack246 LBS $17.00
E-TRK-2-GY-4PK2' E-Track - 4 pack2412 LBS $26.00
E-TRK-2-GY-6PK2' E-Track - 6 pack2418 LBS $38.00
E-TRK-2-GY-10PK2' E-Track - 10 pack2430 LBS $63.00
E-TRK-4-GY-2PK4' E-Track - 2 pack4812 LBS $28.00
E-TRK-4-GY-4PK4' E-Track - 4 pack4824 LBS $56.00
E-TRK-4-GY-6PK4' E-Track - 6 pack4836 LBS $84.00
E-TRK-4-GY-10PK4' E-Track - 10 pack4860 LBS $139.00
E-TRK-5-GY-2PK5' E-Track - 2 pack6016 LBS $30.00
E-TRK-5-GY-4PK5' E-Track - 4 pack6032 LBS $59.00
E-TRK-5-GY-6PK5' E-Track - 6 pack6048 LBS $89.00
E-TRK-5-GY-10PK5' E-Track - 10 pack6080 LBS $148.00
E-TRK-10-GY-2PK10' E-Track - 2 pack12056 LBS $56.00
E-TRK-10-GY-4PK10' E-Track - 4 pack12088 LBS $104.00
E-TRK-10-GY-6PK10' E-Track - 6 pack120120 LBS $154.00
E-TRK-10-GY-10PK10' E-Track - 10 pack120184 LBS $254.00

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