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Vestil Cart-400 Manual Lift Cart

Vestil CART-400
Vestil CART-200-D
Vestil CART-750-TS
Vestil CART-800-D-TS
Vestil CART-1000-TS
Vestil CART-1000-LD
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The Vestil CART-400 Manual Lift Cart is ideal for minimizing repetitive worker lifting and bending by raising up to 400 LBS of material to maximum work height of 29". Easily transport material by loading it onto cart's 17½" W x 27½" L platform from a work table or forklift, lowering it to a safe transport height, and then raising to unload at destination. Lift cart is raised via a manual hydraulic foot pump that includes a soft-lowering valve for controlled lowering. The cylinder contains an internal hydraulic velocity fuse to prevent the load from dropping in the case of a hose failure. The Vestil CART-400 rolls easily on two front rigid polyurethane casters and two rear swivel polyurethane casters with brakes. All steel construction with durable enamel finish for a long service life.




Vestil Manual Lift Carts:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Platform (WxL)Service RangeWeightPriceQty
CART-400400 LBS17-1/2" x 27-1/2"8-3/4" to 29"134 LBS $427.00
CART-200-D220 LBS17-1/2" x 27-1/2"10" to 51"164 LBS $526.00
CART-750-TS750 LBS19-3/4" x 32" 15-1/2" to 35-1/2"230 LBS $684.00
CART-800-D-TS800 LBS20" x 35-1/2"15-1/2" to 51-7/8"275 LBS $919.00
CART-1000-TS1000 LBS19-3/4" x 32"15-1/2" to 35-1/2"221 LBS $801.00
CART-1000-LD1000 LBS31-1/2" x 63"15" to 36"349 LBS $1,051.00
CART-1500-D-TS1500 LBS24" x 47-1/2"19" to 68"598 LBS $1,500.00
CART-17501750 LBS20" x 39-1/2"17" to 40"272 LBS $1,238.00
CART-2000-2040-FP2000 LBS20-3/8" x 40"15" to 39"336 LBS $2,050.00
CART-40004000 LBS24" x 47"15-1/2" to 40"460 LBS $2,002.00

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